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Apex Legends Kite Glitch | How to turn Pathfinder into a kite

The latest Apex Legends jump pad glitch has been uncovered, and this time, it allows players to fly like a kite with Pathfinder. The Apex Legends kite glitch was discovered by Reddit user Saty_Curious85, who discovered the glitch one day during experimentation. They had seen the other jump pad glitch that allows you to fly through the air, so they wanted to see what happened if you shot it with Pathfinders grapple. The result was turning Pathfinder into a kite and discovering the Apex Legends kite glitch.

How to perform the Apex Legends kite glitch

If you want to try the Apex Legends kite glitch for yourself, you’ll need to follow a couple of steps. For starters, someone in your group must be playing as Octane, because a jump pad is needed. Locate a supply crate and open it up, then throw down the jump pad on top of the lid, facing it the opposite direction. Once you do that, everyone on your team will need to punch the lid for a solid 2-3 minutes in order to charge it up. This is all you need to do if you simply want to jump off of the jump pad and launch yourself across the map.

So, the jump pad/lid trick can turn Pathfinder into a balloon… from r/apexlegends

If you want to try the kite glitch, you’ll need to back up a bit and shoot your grapple at the jump pad. If it doesn’t do anything special, it means you either missed the jump pad or didn’t charge it up enough when you were punching it. In the video above, you can see Stay_Curious 85 floating in the air with Pathfinder. They also state that they tried it again later and were able to float completely vertical, but was unable to capture it because they “panicked and forgot to record.” So if you play around with the Apex Legends kite glitch, you can try that as well!