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Fortnite Endgame Challenges Cheat Sheet | Day 3

It’s time to complete those day 3 Fortnite Endgame Challenges. You’re so close to getting that Quinjet glider reward, so you won’t want to miss out on completing these ones. We’ve given you a few pointers on how best to tackle these challenges, and what rewards you’ll get once you’ve finished them. Read our Fortnite Endgame Challenges cheat sheet for day 3 for more.

Fortnite Endgame Challenges | Deal 500 damage with the Chitauri Laser Rifle

Fortnite Endgame Challenges

Of the day 3 challenges this is by far the easiest to complete. You won’t have to go searching for Infinity Stones or mythic weapons, but you do have to ensure you’re on the Thanos and Chitauri side to complete it.

If you’re placed on this team, you’ll be golden. Each player on your team has a Laser Rifle equipped from the start, so you simply have to locate the opposition and begin tearing into them with your weapon.

This challenge is a cumulative one, so you don’t necessarily have to deal 500 damage in a single match. If you’re as good as we think you are, you’ll have this dusted pardon the pun in no time.

Fortnite Endgame Challenges | Win matches of Endgame as a Chitauri or Thanos

Fortnite Endgame Challenges

This challenge requires you to win three matches in the Endgame mode as a Chitauri warrior or Thanos. It sounds fairly easy in practice, but actually winning three games on this team can be a bit tricky if you don’t get someone to be Thanos during matches.

Having someone acquire as many Infinity Stones as possible, and become Thanos in the process, is your best chance at winning. The Avengers will come at you fast with their mythic weapons once they’re unearthed, so you don’t want to come a cropper against them.

If you’re playing with friends, you should assign your best player — you or otherwise — to get the Infinity Stones and become Thanos. You get plenty of buffs with each stone you collect, so you become more powerful with each one you find. If you manage to get all six, you’ll be difficult to kill, and this will give you the best opportunity to win the three matches you need.

Fortnite Endgame Challenges | Deal 1,000 damage with Captain America’s Shield

Fortnite Endgame Challenges

This one requires you evoke your inner Steve Rogers and deal 1,000 damage to opponents with his iconic Vibranium shield.

The first thing you’ll need to do is track down this special weapon. If you’re put on the side of the Heroes team, you’ll be handed a treasure map that leads to a mythic Avengers weapon. This is your best bet to find Captain America’s shield, but the treasure map won’t always lead to a chest that contains this vital item.

If it does, then great. Equip them and scroll down this guide to find out how to use it. If the map leads to a different weapon, don’t despair. Other chests located on the Fortnite map will contain Cap’s weapon. You’ll be given a new treasure map to go and hunt for another chest, and hopefully, you’ll find them in your next one.

Once you have it equipped, you’ll want to know how to throw it. Thankfully, the controls appear on the left hand side of the screen, so you won’t have issues knowing how to use the shield. The shield has an auto-aim function on it too, so don’t worry about lining up shots properly. Just throw it at opponents and get that damage racked up.

Fortnite Endgame Challenges | Rewards

Fortnite Endgame Challenges

Congratulations on completing today’s challenges. It’s now time for you to collect your day 3 rewards.

Once you’ve ticked the Captain America shield challenge off your list, you’ll be handed the Shield Emoticon as a reward. This is a cool little stance that you can perform in-game, and show everyone how noble and loyal you are.

Completing the Chitauri Laser Rifle challenge will bag you 500 XP too, which is a nice handy amount to help you rank up. Finally, if you manage to win three matches as Thanos or a Chitauri warrior, you’ll nag yourself an awesome looking Infinity Gauntlet spray. It’s not as good as the real thing, but it’s the next best option.

If you stick with the Fortnite Endgame challenges, you’ll be granted a Quinjet glider if you complete a set number of them. Read our guide here for more on that.