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Fortnite Quinjet Glider | How to unlock

The Fortnite Quinjet glider could be all yours if you play the Endgame LTM game type over the next couple of weeks. Players will want to learn how to unlock this reward, and if it’ll be available to buy in the store at some point. Find out how you can earn the Fortnite Quinjet glider by reading on below.

Fortnite Quinjet Glider | Endgame reward

Fortnite Quinjet Glider

Listen up Avengers, as this is the best way for you to earn the Fortnite Quinjet glider and add it to your collection. In order to earn this specific reward, you will need to complete any 10 daily challenges that will come to this game mode in the next two weeks or so.

The first three daily challenges have already gone live, and you can read about them in our day one challenges guide. Every 24 hours will bring a new set of daily challenges for you to complete. As long as you navigate any 10, you will be given the Quinjet glider as a gift for your efforts.

Fortnite Quinjet Glider | Can I buy it in the store?

Fortnite Quinjet Glider

There’s always the possibility that Epic will make the Fortnite Quinjet glider available in the in-game store, but don’t count on it ever happening. This is a reward that is specifically tied to the recently patched in Endgame LTM event, so we expect that it won’t be available after this game type is patched out in a few weeks.

With that said, there’s no reason why any player shouldn’t be able to complete 10 daily challenges and earn it as a free gift anyway. Not every challenge will pose you with a difficult task, so any easy ones will help you on your way to picking up this unique glider before the Endgame LTM ends.

We suspect you’ll earn it easily enough, and you’ll be able to glide around in style when you get it too.