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Fortnite Infinity Stones Guide | How to use, location, Best Stones

The Fortnite Endgame LTM is live now. This means that Thanos and the Infinity Stones are back. In our Fortnite Infinity Stones guide, we’ll let you know how to use each powerful Stone, the Infinity Stones locations, the best Fortnite Infinity Stones, and more. There’s quite a bit to get through here, but you might just dominate the playing field if you pay attention.

Fortnite Infinity Stones | What are they?

Fortnite Infinity Stones

While playing a game of Fortnite Endgame, six Infinity Stones will become available to find and use. The game will tell you where to find the Infinity Stones, but more on that later. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will know all about the Infinity Stones. Essentially, each one comes with its own powers.

In the Fortnite Endgame LTM, the Infinity Stones and their powers are as follows:

  • Mind Stone | Jump height is doubled
  • Power Stone | Laser damage is increased six-fold
  • Reality Stone | Shield and health is doubled
  • Soul Stone | Gives shield to Thanos
  • Space Stone | Ground Pound AoE attack damage increased three-fold
  • Time Stone | Damage for each hit is tripled

The Endgame LTM features one team of villains up against a team of heroes. You will only be able to pick up and collect the Infinity Stones if you are one of the villainous Chitauri. You will definitely want to pick one up to receive the power-ups listed above. If you’re first to pick up an Infinity Stone, you will become the dastardly click-head himself, Thanos. Each of the five following collected Infinity Stones will power Thanos and his pawns up.

If you’re playing on the hero team, however, you will still need to head to the Infinity Stones. It’s up to you and your teammates to stop the nefarious villains from collecting all six. Once all six Infinity Stones have been collected, the hero team will no longer be able to respawn. Stop them from collecting the Infinity Stones and kill Thanos at all costs.

Fortnite Infinity Stones | How to use and where to find

Fortnite Infinity Stones

As stated above, while everyone will know where the Infinity Stones are on the map, only those in the villain team will be able to use them. Every sixty seconds or so, a random Infinity Stone will descend onto the map. Opening up your map screen will let you know exactly where the Infinity Stone has landed, along with telling you which one it is. Unfortunately, there are no exact Fortnite Infinity Stones locations. We’d love to tell you where to drop, but it’s seemingly entirely random.

Alternatively, you can simply head to the location of the Infinity Stones via the compass at the top of the screen. Head in the direction of whatever Stone you wish to either protect or collect. Be warned, though. Whatever team you are on, everyone will be heading towards the Infinity Stones when they land. Whether you’re looking to pick it up and use it or to defend it with your life, it’s bound to get more than a little hectic.

In order to collect an Infinity Stone, you will need to first locate it using the method above and then once you’re standing close enough, you will be able to pick it up. Be warned, though, it takes a good few seconds to collect an Infinity Stone. You will be completely liable to enemy attack when you attempt to do so.

What are the best Fortnite Infinity Stones?

Fortnite Infinity Stones

While your ultimate aim will be to find and collect all six Infinity Stones when playing as a Chitauri (or Thanos), some are clearly much better than others. Each Infinity Stone collected, the Chitauri will receive a health increase, and the lucky Thanos player will have their powers expanded. The Soul Stone, (the orange one) however, is rather pointless. All it does is grant Thanos extra shields. The Reality Stone (the red one) already doubles Thanos’ health and shields. The Mind Stone, (yellow) too, is underwhelming. All it does is grant you with extra jump height.

The Time Stone (green), Power Stone (purple), and Space Stone (Blue) all grant you with much more powerful attacks. The Space Stone might be the best of the lot, however. It makes Thanos’ Ground Pound area of attack three dimes larger and increases its damage by six times. Collect them all, though, and you’ll be nigh-unstoppable.