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Days Gone Unlock Time and Preload Dates | When can I start playing Days Gone?

The Days Gone unlock time is sure to be hotly-anticipated. Not only is it the first big PS4 exclusive of the year, fans are already eager to put pedal to the metal and take the road less traveled when it comes to an open-world zombie title. Which is why we’re going to tell you when you can start playing Days Gone, if you can play at midnight on April 26, and even the rundown of Days Gone preload dates. It’s all here in our complete Days Gone unlock time guide.

Days Gone unlock time on PS4

days gone unlock time

Sony has pulled back the curtain slightly and revealed, via its PlayStation Twitter account, when we can expect the Days Gone unlock time. According to this post, you can start playing Days Gone at 12 AM Eastern, just as long as you have a digital pre-order to hand. Retail copies, technically speaking, can be played at any time.

However, it hasn’t yet been confirmed what it means for those elsewhere in the US and those who want to know when they can start playing Days Gone in the UK. We could be given several options:

  • 9 PM Pacific
  • 12 AM Eastern
  • 5 AM BST

This actually happened with the Spider-Man PS4 launch, so don’t be surprised if it happens again. The other option is a blanket midnight release wherever you are in the world on April 26. That would look like:

  • 12 AM Pacific
  • 12 AM Eastern
  • 12 AM BST

Right now, the only thing that’s certain is that those in the Eastern time zone will be able to play at midnight.

Days Gone preload dates

days gone unlock time

Thankfully, to make the burden a little easier on your bandwith, you can start a Days Gone preload as of today, April 25. That means there’s no waiting around once the Days Gone unlock time ticks over, which is especially helpful as many of you could be bleary-eyed by the time it downloads otherwise.

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