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Temple Run iPhone Cheats

Imangi Studios, the makers of Temple Run, have now released Temple Run 2 and Temple Run: Oz. Check out our Temple Run: 2 cheats which include guides, hints, tips, and hacks to get unlimited coins and gems.




Go to options on your main menu and turn on tutorial mode. Next start your tutorial on the turning tutorial, when you are turning slide your finger the correct way 3 times realy fast so can can run forever.


At the Title Screen enter the code for a effect:

samhines86 - Unlimited Invincibility

rxh7nigh - Unlockable Characters

How to Enter Cheat Codes

The way you enter cheat codes for Temple Run depends on what version of the game you are running. Visit our How to Enter Cheat Codes in Temple Run Guide for more detailed information.


Infinite Run

In order to do it, turn on the Tutorial Mode, and start the game. At the very first turn, swipe to the right twice. By doing so, the runner will turn around, and you'll be able to keep running without moving a finger, since there aren't any obstacles either.

Infinite Coins Glitch

There is an Infinite Coins Glitch for regular, unhacked iPhones as well as an Infinite Coins Hack for those with iPhones that have been Jailbreak-ed. Click each link above or visit our FAQ pages for more details, as well as other FAQs on Temple Run.

Slide Trick

There is a slide trick, You will never look up. Just keep sliding and You won't minus speed. Watch out though, You wont be able to see anything except trees.



Unlockable Characters

There are a number of Unlockable Characters to be discovered in Temple Run, including: Guy Dangerous, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Scarlett Fox, Montanna Smith, Francisco Montoya and more! Use our Unlockable Characters Guide to unlock them all.

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Resurrect Twice in One Run

Buy two resurrections and once you go 1000m after using the first one, you can use a second one. For more details, visit our Double Resurrection 'How To' Guide.



Fulfill the required task to unlock each achievement. There are 22 in total.

1/2 Million Club - Score 500,000 points

1/4 Million Club - Scored 250,000 points

10K Runner - Run 10,000 meters

5K Runner - Run 5,000 meters

Adventurer - Scored 25,000 points

Allergic to Gold - Run 1,000m without collecting any coins

Athlete - Ran 2,500 meters

Double Resurrection - Resurrect twice in one run

Head Start - Use a Head Start

High Roller - Scored 100,000 points

Lump Sum - Collected 500 coins

Mega Bonus - Filled the bonus meter 4x

Million Club - Score 1,000,000 points

Miser Run - Run 500m without collecting any coins

Money Bags - Collected 1,000 coins

Novice Runner - Ran 500 meters

Payday - Collected 750 coins

Piggy Bank - Collected 250 coins

Pocket Change - Collected 100 coins

Resurrection - Resurrect after dying

Sprinter - Ran 1,000 meters

Treasure Hunter - Scored 50,000 points


We have the most complete, easy-to-use Temple Run Walkthrough  featuring tips, tricks and more for high scores and tons of coins.

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