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Days Gone How to find ammo, increase max ammo storage, craft ammo

Figuring out how to find ammo in Days Gone is essential to your survival in the Oregon wilderness. With so many Freakers, you’ll find yourself running out of bullets often, so finding ammo and increasing your ammo storage and inventory space is something you’ll want to keep in mind. Below, we’ll detail how to find bullets and what you can do to increase your max ammo storage.

How to find ammo in Days Gone

Deek can only hold a few magazines of ammo for each of his guns before he runs out. Therefore, you’ll frequently find yourself running short of bullets. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to get some ammo. Topping off your ammo is something you should do at every opportunity since you never know what you’re going to run into.

Get ammo from downed enemies

If an enemy is carrying the same type of weapon as you when you take them down, you can pick up some ammo from walking over their gun. However, take note that you’ll only get ammo for the weapon type they had equipped. Just because they were armed with a pistol doesn’t mean you’ll acquire generic secondary weapon bullets.

Find ammo in police vehicles

Days Gone Ammo Police Car

You’ll frequently run into derelict police vehicles in Days Gone. When you see one, you can have Deek jimmy open the trunk, and you’ll find ammo inside. This is one of the constants in the game. Every single police vehicle you find has ammo in the back. However, this ammo doesn’t respawn over time, so make sure you really need the bullets before you take them.

Buy ammo from merchants

Days Gone Ammo Merchant

Each settlement in Days Gone has a merchant. Some of these shops sell weapons; some don’t. All merchants sell ammo, which will let you fill up your primary, secondary, and special weapons. Make sure not to buy bullets right before you switch guns though. Each gun takes a different kind of ammo, so if you fill up on submachine gun ammo and switch over to a rifle, you’re just going to have to buy ammo all over again.

Store ammo on your bike for later

Days Gone Ammo Storage Saddlebags

Once you reach a certain point in the game, you’ll be able to purchase parts for your bike. One of the available categories of bike parts is the saddlebag. By buying a saddlebag, you can buy ammo at a merchant and store it on your bike. When you’re out of ammo in the field, you can approach your bike and hold X to get a quick refill.

Buying ammo to store on your bike is expensive, but the ability to restock when you’re on the road can mean the difference between life and death. The first level saddlebag can only hold a bit of ammo. However, the higher level the saddlebag you acquire, the more ammo you can store. This means more refills between having to purchase more.

How to increase max ammo storage in Days Gone

There is only one way to increase how much ammo you can carry in Days Gone. You have to reach skill tier 5 in the ranged skill tree. You can then unlock the Up the Ante skill. Up the Ante increases the max ammo capacity on all weapons and enables you to carry a lot more ammo. However, you’ll also find that it costs more to refill your bullets at merchants because of this.

How to craft ammo in Days Gone

There’s only one type of weapon you can craft ammo for in Days Gone. Early on you’ll get a crossbow, and you can make arrows for it using material you find throughout the world.

To craft arrows in Days Gone you’ll need the following:

  • Crossbow Bolt x5:
    • Cedar Sapling x1
    • Scrap x1
  • Poison Bolt x5
    • Cedar Sapling x1
    • Scrap x1
    • Poison x1
  • Residue Bolt x5
    • Cedar Sapling x1
    • Scrap x1
    • Nest Residue x1

You’ll get the ability to craft regular Crossbow Bolts when you first get the crossbow. For the rest, you’ll need to explore and unlock the recipes. While sniper rifles pack more punch, it’s worth carrying the crossbow for its versatility and the ability to craft bolts in the field quickly.

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