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Days Gone | What question marks on the minimap mean

As you travel around Oregon in Days Gone, you’ll often see question marks pop up on the minimap. Frustratingly, when you move closer to these question marks, they usually disappear leaving you confused as to what exactly the game was trying to point out. We’ll tell you what the question marks on the map mean in Days Gone and what kinds of situations they highlight.

What do the minimap question marks mean in Days Gone?

Days Gone Question Mark Minimap Hostage

When driving about in Days Gone, you’ll inevitably see a blue question mark appear on your minimap. There’s not a lot of fanfare to it, so you’ll just have to keep your eye out. These question marks signify ambient events.

Ambient events include:

  • Survivors being attacked by Freakers
  • Ambush camp locations
  • Marauders with hostages

By heading towards the question mark, you can take part in the ambient events and be rewarded by doing so. Rescuing hostages allows you to make a choice between which camp you want to send them to. Depending on the camp you choose, you can get camp credits and/or trust. Clearing out ambush camps will also give you credits and trust for the local camp.

Unfortunately, it’s not always apparent what the question marks are trying to point out. They disappear when you get close to the area they’re marking, and sometimes it just doesn’t seem like anything is going on. If this happens, explore the area and listen for NPCs. Sometimes the marker isn’t exactly on top of an ambient event, so you’ll have to do a bit of exploring to find it.

If you still can’t find the event, don’t worry. Ignoring or failing an ambient event doesn’t have any effect other than you missing out on the trust and credits you could have earned. None of them are one-time only, and if you ride around some more another one will eventually spawn.