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Days Gone Copeland’s Camp | What is the download incomplete message?

Many players appear to be getting stuck during the Days Gone Copeland’s Camp section of the game. People are finding that they are reaching the end of what they can do in Copeland’s Camp, only to find that they cannot leave the area. This message appears, too: “Download incomplete. Go explore Copeland’s Camp.” What is the download incomplete message? Is there a fix for the problem? We explain everything below.

Days Gone Copeland’s Camp Download Incomplete Message | What’s the problem?

Days Gone Copeland's Camp

As stated above, quite a few Days Gone players are reaching Copeland’s Camp, doing everything there is to do there, only to find that they are unable to leave. To make matters more confusing, when they try to leave, this message appears towards the top of the screen: “Download incomplete. Go explore Copeland’s Camp.”

Supposedly, it is appearing despite the fact that people have already installed Days Gone. You’ll find that the Copeland’s Camp gates are shut and that you cannot drive your motorbike. It’s annoying, for sure. There’s only so much exploration one can do in Copeland’s Camp. Thankfully, there is a fix.

Days Gone Copeland’s Camp Download Incomplete Fix

Days Gone Copeland's Camp

Although you may believe that Days Gone is fully installed as you are actually playing it, trust us when we say that it likely isn’t. Most PS4 games allow you to play them when they are only partially installed. The idea is that you can begin playing the game (up to a certain point) while the game is still installing off the disc or downloading in the background. Typically, you won’t reach this point of no return, but as Days Gone is a large game, you may well go as far as you can before the game is fully installed.

If you reach the Copeland’s Camp download incomplete message, our advice would be to save and exit the game. You should only return once Days Gone is fully installed. Press the Options button over the Days Gone icon on the PS4 dashboard and it will let you know how much it has left to download.

If you own a physical copy of the game, keep the disc in the PS4 until you no longer hear the whirring of the disc drive. This should mean that the game is fully installed and ready to be played interrupted. You can play another downloaded game while you wait for it to finish no problem.