Box art - Days Gone

Days Gone Newts | Are there really zombie kids?

Days Gone Newts are an enemy type that you very rarely see in games. These small Freakers take the visage of twisted children which scurry throughout the rafters and dark places of post-apocalyptic rural Oregon. The question many will have when playing is whether or not Days Gone Newts are kids or just a monster that happens to look like a child.

The question of whether or not Days Gone lets you kill kids is a dicey one. Realistically, in a zombie outbreak, there would be young people affected as well. However, shooting children is never popular, so we really need to dive into the gameplay and lore of Days Gone to find our answer.

Minor spoilers below!

What are Newts in Days Gone?

Well, Newts are children. They’re adolescents that have been infected with the virus that created the Freaker outbreak. Newts were about 9-to-11 years of age when the disaster occurred, and since their change, have adopted some strange behaviors.

Newts aren’t often aggressive. They’re preyed on by other Freakers and wildlife, so they tend to group up in attics and dark confined locations that are too cramped for larger enemies to fit into. For the most part, when you enter an area with a Newt nest, they keep their distance and observe you. They only tend to attack when you have low health, or you’re outright invading their territory or shooting at them.

Since Newts are timider than other Freakers, you can often just walk right past them. There are times where you have no choice but to fight them, but for the most part, you can ignore them.

Does Days Gone allow you to shoot kids?

This is a big philosophical question. Newts are Freakers and don’t retain any of their humanity except the fact they look like monstrous children. They don’t communicate, and they will attack you. So, it could be said that Newts aren’t human at all, so you’re not really shooting kids.

However, on the other hand, they used to be kids, and part of the plot takes a brief look at how people kill Freakers indiscriminately without any thought to what they once were. It’s never really established definitively that they can’t be cured, and if so then you would be, in a roundabout way, killing children.

At the end of the day, though, Days Gone is just a game. Newts aren’t real kids no matter what, so outside of your TV there are no real ramifications.