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Fortnite Tilted Towers Destroyed, Retail Row, Polar Peak gone in Season 9 leaks

Fortnite Tilted Towers destroyedRetail Row destroyed, and Polar Peak destroyed leaks are circulating the web, thanks to the work of dedicated dataminers who have searched the latest update files for information on upcoming game-changing events. In addition to an event that could give players the chance to vote on the return of Vaulted Items, it appears that Epic Games is also planning the destruction of either Tilted Towers, Retail Row, or Polar Peak… or perhaps all three! Here’s what you need to know about potential Season 9 map changes.

Fortnite Tilted Towers destroyed (Season 9)

Fortnite Tilted Towers Destroyed

The destruction of Fortnite Tilted Towers seems to be something that the community is always talking about. While the fan-favorite named place has seen some damage from previous end of Season events, which left buildings destroyed, it has yet to see total destruction. That is, until now!

In the latest build of the game, which has now been datamined by Lucas7yoshi, Tilted Towers is shown to be almost entirely wiped out. A vast number of the buildings are completely gone and the entire area is burned black. Lava pits have swallowed vehicles in a way that points towards a serious level of unrecoverable destruction.

As mentioned in our Fortnite Nexus event guide, it’s possible that the destruction of Tilted Towers may come down to a vote by the community. Rather than Epic Games simply wiping out a large number of named places, it could be that the player base votes for the most-hated area. If selected, that named place would then be wiped out. However, this is just a theory, and it’s certainly possible that all of the destroyed named places found in the datamined files will be deleted from the map!

You can find images of the potential Tilted Towers destruction in the Lucas7yoshi tweet below:

Fortnite Retail Row destroyed (Season 9)

Fortnite Tilted Towers Destroyed

Datamined files also point to the potential destruction of Retail Row, another popular Fortnite named place. Dataminer Lucas7yoshi_ shared an image of a rock that had appeared in a destroyed Retail Row. The rock is surrounded by lava and a larger burning area.

It’s therefore likely that Epic Games will soon be targeting Retail Row for destruction. At least, it’s a possibility, and if the game-changing event happens at the end of the Season, which it usually does, players can expect Retail Row to be destroyed very soon.

However, as mentioned in the Tilted Towers destroyed section above, it’s also possible that players will be voting on which areas will be destroyed. This theory is fuelled by leaks of the Fortnite Nexus event, which seems to be a way for players to vote on choices that will affect gameplay, such as the return of Vaulted Items. Could the destruction of an area be one of those choices? Or perhaps players will be voting to choose a named place that they want to save? Or maybe Epic Games will just destroy them all…

Fortnite Polar Peak destroyed (Season 9)

Fortnite Tilted Towers Destroyed

Polar Peak is also destined for destruction, it seems, with datamined files also showing this newly-added, but still popular, location will suffer some significant damage, possibly even cracking open!

Dataminer FortTory posted a video that shows how Polar Peak will “crack.” (Note that FortTory changed the location of the cracking ice in order to leak it. This won’t be the area that we see during the event.)

Again, with three fan-favorite locations all in jeopardy, one has to wonder whether Epic Games will really destroy them all in one big bomb blast. Would the developers really make such a significant change to the map? Well, past end of Season events have been pretty brutal with changes to the island, and Epic Games has proven capable of handling backlash from fans, regularly releasing updates without a test server. So I think it’s definitely possible that Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and Polar Peak could all face their destruction at the end of Season 8, or the beginning of Season 9.

With all of that said, it’s also possible that the destruction of these named places will tie into the Fortnite Nexus event, where players will likely be voting on changes to the game. Perhaps then we will see Polar Peak available for destruction at the hands of the community!