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Days Gone Box of Nails | How to get more nails

There are a lot of important crafting components for players to find and collect in Days Gone. If you’re planning on keeping your stockpile full, then you’re going to need to know how to find the most crucial crafting components with ease. In this handy guide, we’ll talk about the Days Gone Box of Nails crafting item, as well as go over everything you need to know to collect plenty of this important resource.

Days Gone Box of Nails | How to get more nails

Like Sawblades, getting your hand on a Box of Nails is vitally important. This crafting resource plays a part in several key recipes, and you’re going to want to stockpile as many Boxes of Nails as you can. Of course, doing so won’t be easy, and it’s going to take you a bit of time, but we’ll walk you through the best ways to find a Box of Nails below.

First and foremost, you should come across plenty of this crafting resource while you’re out and exploring the world. Be sure to look for various items you can search and loot. As an important crafting material, it’s pretty simple and easy to find plenty of Boxes of Nails out and about in the world.

How to get Box of Nails in Days Gone

Like other crafting items, you can also find various weapons and items around the world that you can break down into several smaller parts. This is another great way to get your hands on a Box of Nails, especially as you move deeper into the game and come across more and more items. You’ll always want to pick up additional weapons and deconstruct them when possible, as this is by far the most lucrative way to get more Boxes of Nails.

As with any crafting material found throughout Days Gone, you’re going to need to keep looking and collecting any Boxes of Nails that you come across. As stated above, this crafting item is used in many recipes, so making sure you never run out is important if you plan on being able to craft the various items you’ll need to survive the endless hordes of Freakers awaiting you in Days Gone.