Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 Strike From the Shadows | New Operation and map

Treyarch’s latest installment in the Call of Duty series will soon be getting its fourth Operation. A recent Black Ops 4 Strike From the Shadows teaser revealed more about a potential new Blops 4 specialist and some other juicy details. Come April 30, Black Ops 4 will have a new operation and map. For the latest on what to expect, we’ve summed up all you need to know.

Black Ops 4 New Operation

Black Ops 4 Strike from the Shadows

Over the last week, in the lead up to the April 30 release date, Treyarch has begun teasing the fourth operation each day. The fourth operation follows the previous content update named Grand Heist. Grand Heist added a ton of weapon and character skins as well as multiplayer maps and game modes. Two more operations are expected to follow in 2019.

The first teaser came with the message “Armed and Ready.” The very brief video shows a charge being set. The Black Ops 4 Strike from the Shadows teaser came next. The video expands on the previous video and reveals the biggest news yet (also confirming a previously reported leak), the specialist Spectre from Black Ops 3 appears to be returning to the franchise. Spectre is primarily known for his smoke grenade-related abilities.

Black Ops 4 New Map

Black Ops 4 Strike from the Shadows

Aside from the Black Ops 4 Strike from the Shadows character teaser, a central part of the fourth operation appears to be new maps. Another teaser showed images on a laptop screen, showing off a new location engulfed in flames and a Viking-esque statue. The laptop teaser has the potential to simply be one map or, even, multiple.

The next map teaser focused on a locked-off shot of what seems to be some kind of festival taking place. However, as with Spectre, it isn’t all about the new with this latest operation. The final map teaser indicates the multiplayer map “WMD” from Call of Duty: Black Ops will be coming to Black Ops 4.