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Days Gone Ambush Camp Locations

The world in Days Gone is a big one, and players will have plenty of room to explore and experience. If you’re planning on exploring every square inch, then we’d highly suggest clearing out the 14 Ambush Camp locations that are littered around the map. To help you out we’ve put together a handy guide, which will point out the locations of each Ambush Camp, which should help you find and clear them out.

All Ambush Camp Locations in Days Gone

As stated above, there are 14 Ambush Camp locations around the map. When you get close, these locations will become marked on the map. There are a number of reasons to clear out the Ambush Camp locations scattered around the world in Days Gone. Not only will they reward you with more money and Trust for whichever camps you’re trying to work on, but they also provide key intel on the other points of interest situated around the map.

Of course, we’re not going to tell you what to do in Days Gone, especially with so much on the menu. But, if you really want to make the most of your time in the game, then learning the locations of each Ambush Camp, and then subsequently clearing them out will be very useful.

how to find all ambush camp locations in Days Gone

One thing to note about Ambush Camps is that they often contain several dozen enemies for players to defeat. This means that you’ll want to either come prepared with plenty of ammunition, or even sneak your way around the camp dealing with the enemies in your way. Another fun tactic that we really enjoyed making use of was to wait until night time and then trigger a Freaker Horde to wipe out the camp’s various inhabitants. Then all you need to do is survive until morning, and you’re golden.

If you’ve been struggling to find all of the Ambush Camp locations, then fret no more. We’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the locations up below. Each section of this guide is broken into two regions, which should make exploring and finding each Ambush Camp a bit easier.

Ambush Camp Locations in Cascades and Belknap

Days Gone - Cascades and Belknap Ambush Camp locations

The first region that you’ll visit in Days Gone is the Cascades. There are three Ambush Camp locations you can find and clear out here.

  • The first Ambush Camp is the Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp. Located along the wester portion of this region, you’ll need to visit it during an early mission from Copeland’s Camp.
  • The second Ambush Camp location can be found at Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush Camp. This location is along the northern section of the area, just northeast of the lake that punctuates the northwestern corner.
  • Finally, the last Ambush Camp location in Cascades can be found in the southeastern portion of the map. Look out for the enemies guarding this area and clear it out to unlock additional icons on your map.

As the second region that players will visit, Belknap can be found along the northwestern portion of the map in Days Gone. Once again, players will find three Ambush Camp locations for them to visit and clear out in this area.

  • The first Ambush Camp can be found at the Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp. This camp is chock full of Marauders, so bring plenty of firepower to clear them out. It’s located along the northern area of the map, almost directly in the center of the mountains that line the northern edge.
  • The second location can be found at Black Crater Ambush Camp. Situated along the southerwestern edge of the region, this Ambush Camp location is full of Rippers just waiting to take a shot at Deacon St. John.
  • Players can find the final camp by exploring the southeastern corner of the region. Here you’ll find Belknap Caves Ambush Camp, which is filled to the brim with even more Marauders looking to bring Deacon to his knees.

Ambush Camp Locations in Lost Lake and Iron Butte

Days Gone - Lost Lake and Iron Butte Ambush Camp locations

Just south of the Cascades, players will find Lost Lake. Here they’ll be able to find and clear out two Ambush Camp locations, both of which contain slews of Marauders.

  • The first camp in this region can be found just east of the southern lake in the area. This is Berley Lake Ambush Camp.
  • The final location players will want to visit in Lost Lake is the Deerborn Ambush Camp. This Ambush camp location is situated along the eastern side of the region, close to a very forested area.

The next region players will want to explore is Iron Butte. Just east of the Lost Lake, players will find two Ambush Camps waiting to be cleared out and liberated.

  • The first camp here is Wagon Road Ambush Camp. To find this camp, players will want to make their way to the northeastern corner of the region, where Iron Butte connects to the southern border of Belknap.
  • This next location can be spotted in the southwestern area of the map, next to one of the two main lakes in the region. This is the Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp, and inside players will find a ton of Rippers that they’ll need to take down and deal with.

Ambush Camp Locations in Crater Lake and Highway 97

Days Gone - Crater Lake and Highway 97 Ambush Camp locations

Now it’s time to move on to Crater Lake. This region can be found at the very bottom of the map in Days Gone, and it includes a series of locations centered around a massive lake. There are two Ambush Camp locations that players need to clear out here, so let’s go ahead and sort those out.

  • The first camp can be found in the southwestern corner of the region. This is also where you’ll find the Spruce Lake Nero Checkpoint, which means you can kill two birds with one stone while clearing out the Spruce Lake Ambush Camp.
  • Next up is the Cascade Lakes Railway Ambush Camp, which is located along the northeastern corner of the region. You’ll need to head up into the snowy portions of this region, but it’s more than worth the trouble to clear this camp out and unlock some extra icons and areas on the map.

Finally, the last region that players will want to clear out the Ambush Camp locations within is Highway 97. Situated along the southeastern corner of the map in Days Gone, this area has two Ambush Camps full of enemies.

  • The first camp can be found along the southeastern edge of the region, next to the swamps. Clear it out and you’ll have some additional points of interest marked on your map.
  • Finally, this last Ambush Camp is Aspen Butte Ambush Camp. It’s located along the northern edge of the region’s center, just directly north of the Chemult Community College.

With all of the Ambush Camp locations cleared out, you can now explore all of the map in Days Gone without having to worry about various enemy groups setting up traps or knocking you off your bike. This should make it even easier to clear out any collectibles you want to find and obtain, as well as just make your exploration experience better overall. With those pesky camps out of the way, make sure you also learn how to get Nero Injectors, as these items will help boost your basic stats like Stamina, Health, and Focus.