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Days Gone 1.07 Update Patch Notes | New update today

The Days Gone 1.07 update patch notes have been released by SIE Bend Studio. The new Days Gone update went live today and brings a wealth of fixes to various bugs and glitches. Find out more about the Days Gone 1.07 patch notes, including its file size, with our guide.

Days Gone 1.07 Update

Days Gone 1.07 Update Patch Notes

File Size

The Days Gone 1.07 update’s file size is the same as it was for the 1.06 update. That is to say that it’ll take up 136MB of space on your HDD to download. This is nothing in comparison to the 500GB or 1TB HDDs that come with PS4 consoles these days.

Providing you have a decent enough internet connection too, you’ll be able to download this in no time. It shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to download, and only a couple more to be installed. You can wait a bit to play it, can’t you?

Days Gone 1.07 Update Patch Notes | PS4 Pro hard crash fix

Days Gone 1.07 Update Patch Notes

The Days Gone 1.07 update is thought to bring a number of general fixes to the survival horror shooter. As we mentioned in our 1.06 update guide yesterday, these general fixes should help iron out a few kinks that players were finding problematic. They include auto-save issues, audio problems, and difficult settings carrying over to your save files.

The biggest fix accompanying the 1.07 update, though, is certainly going to be the PS4 Pro hard crash issue. Multiple players complained about the game’s Reddit page that their console kept crashing when playing Days Gone. Some had suspected it was a hardware problem but, after trying other PS4 games, the issue was reserved only for Days Gone.

Bend Studio’s support team took to Reddit to apologize for the inconvenience and pulled the 1.06 update just a few hours after it had gone live. The 1.07 update will look to address the PS4 Pro hard crash problem and, judging by the lack of complaints since it went live, it seems to have fixed it.