Days Gone Frame Rate Drops Fix

Days Gone Frame Rate Drops Fix | Increase low FPS

Ever since its release, plenty of you have been complaining about Days Gone frame rate drops. Is there, however, a Days Gone frame rate drops fix? If you’re looking for one, you can find out the potential answers below. Those pesky Days Gone PS4 Pro frame rate bugs are annoying, for sure, ruining the game to some extent.

Days Gone Frame Rate Drops | What’s the problem?

Days Gone Frame Rate Drops Fix

As stated above, there have been many complaints about dodgy frame rate drops in Days Gone ever since it released. A quick look over at the Days Gone Subreddit shows a tonne of threads of players complaining about the frame rate drops in the game.

It appears, though, that certain situations may be causing more severe frame rate issues than others. On the standard PS4, for example, plenty of you are complaining that the frame rate takes a nose dive when you are riding the bike. Others have also complained that the frame rate can go agonizingly slow for a few seconds before going back to normal. It appears as though scenes that are memory-intensive might cause a few slowdowns, too. Is there any way to fix the frame rate problems?

Days Gone Frame Rate Drops fix | Increase low FPS

Days Gone Frame Rate Drops Fix

The simple fact of the matter is this: it appears as though Days Gone is a little too hot for the PS4 Pro to handle, let alone the base console. The game, however, has improved thanks to updates, including frame rates. This does suggest that there are perhaps small bugs that are causing the worst of the frame rate issues. Bend Studios and Sony are releasing patch after patch for the game, too, so the frame rate issues could be fixed via a future update before long.

If you can’t wait, however, there are a couple of things you could try. Rebuilding the database has helped some players increase the low Days Gone FPS. To do this, simply hold the power button down on your PS4 until you hear it beep a small number of times. Choose to rebuild your database and it could help to make your Days Gone experience smoother. Generally speaking, too, if you’re really worried about low FPS in Days Gone you should try and avoid high-intensity areas such as hordes and camps.

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