Black Ops 4 Reserve Crates Bug | Where’s my new gear?

Short-changed players have called on Treyarch and Activision to fix a Black Ops 4 reserve crates bug. The glitch, which has emerged since the 1.17 update went live, isn’t throwing up new gear for players to snap up. Find out if there’s a fix to this Black Ops 4 reserve crates bug or not.

Black Ops 4 Reserve Crates Bug | Where are the new items?

Black Ops 4 Reserve Crates Bug

Let’s waste no time in telling you what the Black Ops 4 reserve crates bug is. Treyarch released the 1.17 update for the game on Tuesday, and you can find out everything about this patch in our guide here.

However, not everything has been plain sailing since the update was patched into the game. Players have flocked to the game’s Reddit page in their droves to complain furiously about a glitch that doesn’t give them any new loot. You should get some when you open up supply drops in their Reserve History tab on the Inventory screen, but the majority aren’t.

As shown by the video posted by user oCools, none of the items he was given from his reserve crates were new. In fact, oCools goes on to reveal that he opened 110 crates and only got 51 items. This in itself is messed up and, judging by the comments on his thread, others have encountered identical situations.

Black Ops 4 Reserve Crates Bug | Is there a fix?

Black Ops 4 Reserve Crates Bug

Suffice to say, there isn’t an official Black Ops 4 reserve crates bug that will resolve this problem for you. The patch only went live yesterday, so Treyarch and Activision are likely unaware of it affecting so many players.

The best course of advice from the above thread seems to be not to open any of your reserve crate packs. Unless you only want to get items that you may already own, you’ll want to leave them well alone until this issue is fixed.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before it is resolved. If you want to make Treyarch aware of it though, you can post in the Reddit thread above, or use the Activision support page to lodge a complaint ticket.