Box art - World War Z

World War Z Roadmap | Season 1 free updates and DLC

After celebrating a great first week of sales in which World War Z sold over one million copies, Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have now released a World War Z Roadmap. Tonnes of new content is on the way, all included as part of the World War Z Season 1 free updates and DLC. There’s a World War Z Tokyo mission planned, alongside World War Z new zombie, new weapons, the Extreme difficulty option, modes, and more. The next three months could be a good ride if everything goes to plan. Read on to discover exactly what’s on the way to the co-op zombie survival game.

World War Z Roadmap | May-July 2019

World War Z Roadmap

As you can see from theWorld War Z Roadmap image above, the developers are planning on introducing new content each month starting in May and ending in July. Read on for what’s planned in each month below.

World War Z Roadmap May 2019

This month, a brand-new mission is being added to World War Z. You will be able to play the new Tokyo mission before the month ends. Not much, however, is known about the mission. The image above suggests it will be played on a boat (at least at some point). We do know, though, that the Tokyo mission will introduce a deadly new zombie. The terrifying new zombie will spit a deadly virus towards you and it can even resurrect if not dealt with properly.

World War Z Roadmap June 2019

In June, a brand-new extreme difficulty setting will be introduced to World War Z. The six-skull difficulty will earn you unique rewards. This should prove perfect for those of you who are finding the game too easy right now. More difficulty options are never a bad thing, after all. There will be new bonus cosmetics and more to unlock as well, which is nice.

World War Z Roadmap July 2019

Finally, July will bring a Weekly Challenge mode to World War Z. This will help to spice things up, for sure. Unfortunately, all we have is the announcement of the Weekly Challenge mode, although we’d expect more to be revealed soon.

Alongside the new mode, you will also be able to unlock new cosmetics and more, too. Again, this is all adding up to a more content-rich game then was initially released. Of course, this all means that you will likely have to download plenty of further World War Z game updates. These will all be explained in more detail at the times of release.

World War Z Roadmap | What else is on the way?

World War Z Roadmap

On top of everything listed above, even more is planned. You can see all of this below:

  • Private Lobbies
  • Wave-based survival mode
  • New weapons and weapon variants
  • New character skins and accessories
  • Field of view and level of detail sliders for PC
  • The ability to change classes during PvPvZ matches

There’s a lot of new content on the way to World War Z.  Some of it will be totally free, too. During these next three months, there are bound to be several game updates, too. These will likely bring in plenty of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. The latest World War Z 1.03 update, for example, tried to fix a lot of the game’s crashing bugs and nerfed Compact Shotgun damage.

Of course, roadmaps such as this one don’t always go according to plan. Neither Saber Interactive nor Focus Home Interactive has supplied us with proper release dates for all of the planned new content. We are simply told that everything listed above is planned to release between now and the end of July 2019. We’d love to tell you exactly when the new Tokyo mission is being added to World War Z, but we simply can’t.

Just because something is planned to release in June, for example, doesn’t mean it definitely will. EA and BioWare, for example, had to delay the first Cataclysm event in Anthem. The developers ran into “more things to fix and improve” then was planned for. You never know, the World War Z developers could run into similar, unforeseen issues.

We’d like to think, however, that Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive can stick to the World War Z roadmap detailed above. It’s looking to be a big few months for the surprise zombie hit.