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Fortnite Shadow Bomb Exploit | How to remain invisible

It’s only just been patched into the game, but there’s already a Fortnite Shadow Bomb exploit that players have unearthed. The glitch allows you to remain invisible for much longer than anticipated and could be considered a form of cheating. Find out more about the Fortnite Shadow Bomb exploit with our guide.

Fortnite Shadow Bomb Exploit | Stay invisible indefinitely

Fortnite Shadow Bomb Exploit

Before we explain what the Fortnite Shadow Bomb exploit is, you might want to learn more about what this item does. If you do, you can read our Fortnite Shadow Bomb guide here to get the lowdown on it.

Are you back? Good, let’s press on. The glitch that players have uncovered allows you to stay invisible, or as invisible as you can be using the item, as long as your feet don’t touch the ground. The Shadow Bomb item is only supposed to work for five seconds before its effects wear off.

However, players have found that constantly jumping around after using the Shadow Bomb lets you stay invisible for as long as you like. Multiple threads have popped up on the game’s Reddit page with footage that shows this to be true, which we imagine isn’t what Epic intended for it.

Fortnite Shadow Bomb Exploit | Will it be fixed?

Fortnite Shadow Bomb Exploit

Almost certainly. The Fortnite Shadow Bomb exploit could be used as a form of cheating, especially in battle royale mode. If you can’t see your enemy, they have an advantage over you and can pick you off at a distance, as long as their aim is good while they jump around.

Epic is likely monitoring the Fortnite Reddit page for any forms of cheating, so we suspect they’ll patch through a fix that removes this glitch once they find out about it. It might be best to not use this exploit too if you don’t want to be temporarily banned from the game for a short time.