One Piece Episode 883 Air Date

Well, we’ve reached One Piece episode 883. If you’ve stuck with the motley crew right up until the recent Reverie, you’ll probably know the One Piece episode 883 air date better than you know the names of your children and co-workers. But, if you haven’t been a dyed-in-the-wool One Piece fan for decades, or if you want a little reminder as to when you can watch One Piece season 20, episode 6 online as soon as possible, you’re going to want to see this rundown of the One Piece episode 883 release time in the US and UK.

When is the One Piece episode 883 air date?

one piece episode 883

I hope you’re ready for a late start. If you’re in the US, the One Piece episode 883 air date will be late on Saturday, May 4, potentially crossing over into the early hours of Sunday morning. While times differ week to week, we can probably expect it up at 8:30 PM Pacific/11:30 PM Eastern, if we’re going by last week’s release times.

In the UK, however, that means you’re going to have to wait until Sunday, May 5 for the One Piece episode 883 air date, with a rough start time of 4:30 AM BST. Even then, due to licensing issues, there’s no way to (legally) get a hold of the episode for the time being across the pond.

One Piece episode 883 dubbed (English) release time

one piece episode 883

Umm. Yeah. About that. The current dub schedule, due to the relentless release of episodes across over 20 years now, is so far behind the current batch of episodes that it’s almost not worth worrying about.

For context, we’re on season 20, and the dub hasn’t had any new episodes released since 2018 and, even by that point, it had only arrived at season 9. Don’t expect a One Piece episode 883 dubbed release time for many, many years to come, if ever.