Borderlands 3 First-Person | Can it be played in third-person?

Borderlands 3 is due out in September, and we were impressed with the game at our recent playthrough, but no matter how good it is there will be a lot of people who won’t want to touch it just because of its perspective. The Borderlands series has always been games shown from the first-person perspective, and the games are all open-world FPS/RPG hybrids. Is that the case with the latest game though? Is Borderlands 3 first-person, or can it be played in third-person too? Is any of it in third-person? We’ve got the answers.

Is Borderlands 3 first-person or can it be played in third-person?

Despite the Borderlands series being predominantly set in first-person—in fact, they are all basically first-person shooters (apart from Tales from the Borderlands)—there is a large contingent of gamers who won’t touch Borderlands 3 simply because of perspective. There are people who prefer third-person, people who think first-person doesn’t really work as well with a gamepad, and even those who medically can’t play first-person games due to motion sickness.

Is there a Borderlands 3 third-person perspective option for these gamers? Unfortunately, no. Borderlands 3 is most definitely a first-person-only game, and is predominantly set in the first-person perspective. In this case it is exactly like previous games in the series. Is any of it in third-person though?

Is any part of Borderlands 3 played in third-person?

Actually, yes, there are parts of Borderlands 3 which are played in third-person, although not very many of them. The most obvious example is the vehicle sections of the game. When you enter a vehicle in the game, the camera shifts to a third-person perspective, similar to the way it works in Microsoft’s Halo games (with similar controls as well). Additionally, at least one of Siren Amara’s abilities, specifically the Phaseslam, sees her shift into third-person while she’s executing the move. There may be others discovered when more Action Skills get revealed.