Black Clover Episode 82 Air Date

Get ready to chow down and feast on not only the Black Clover episode 82 air date, but when to watch the new Black Clover season 2, episode 31 in the US and UK. Because all things anime aren’t always as clear-cut across the Atlantic as you might have hoped. So, let’s get to it: Here’s when you can expect the Black Clover episode 82 air date, plus full sets of release times, and even a look at if there’s an English Black Clover episode 82 dub release on the horizon.

When is the Black Clover episode 82 air date?

Black Clover episode 82

You don’t have too long to wait at all ’til the next Black Clover episode. It has an air date of Tuesday, May 7. As far as we know, we expect this sophomore season to run every Tuesday for at least a few more months yet, so you can start getting into the rhythm of setting aside half an hour each and every week at the same time. Speaking of which, here’s when you can expect to watch it, catered to your time zone.

Black Clover episode 82 US and UK release times

Black Clover episode 82

I hope you’re ready to set your alarms in the US. The Black Clover episode 82 release time isn’t a pretty one. On the West Coast, you’re looking at a dreary 3:25 AM Pacific start, while those alongside the Eastern seaboard fare only slightly better: 6:25 AM Eastern.

Those in the UK, perhaps burned by the likes of having to stay up to silly o’clock to watch WWE events, can revel in this one: You’ve got an 11:25 AM BST release time on Crunchyroll.

Black Clover episode 82 dubbed air date

Black Clover episode 82

The current English dub is around two weeks behind on Funimation. You can expect the Black Clover episode 82 English dub air date on the week commencing May 20 or, potentially, June 2019 if there are delays.