Apex Legends Mobile App | Android iPhone download release date guide

An Apex Legends mobile app download release date is coming, EA has confirmed in its latest earnings call. While it’s not yet clear if the Apex Legends mobile version will be coming to both Android APK and iPhone (iOS), it is still good to hear that the game is moving beyond the at-home systems, boasting similar versatility to Fortnite. It will be a major step forward for Respawn Entertainment and EA. As we wait to learn more, here’s what we know so far about the Apex Legends Android download and Apex Legends iPhone download release dates.

Apex Legends Android download release date

Apex Legends Mobile App

An Apex Legends Android download release date has yet to be revealed. EA has merely stated that it has plans to expand Apex Legends to mobile platforms, which could mean Android, iPhone, or both.

A key difference between Android and iPhone, which makes the former more difficult to develop for, is the sheer number of different devices running Android. Budget phones and high-end phones will run the game differently, which the developers have to think carefully about and cater for. There is a lot less variance on the Apple side of things.

When the Apex Legends Android download becomes available, it’s also possible that it won’t be hosted on the Google Play Store. As we saw with Fortnite on mobile, publishers can prefer to avoid the store entirely, avoiding costs.

With that said, do be careful of dangerous Apex Legends Android downloads. If you’re desperately hunting for an “APK” on Google, be very careful, as people can hide malicious software inside of seemingly harmless files. We’d recommend only downloading from official sources provided by Respawn Entertainment and EA.

Apex Legends iPhone download release date

Apex Legends Mobile App

As for the Apex Legends iPhone download release date, it’s currently unknown. For now, we know that EA is looking to expand the game to mobile platforms, but not much else.

It’s also worth noting how Epic Games used Fortnite to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone and other devices. It’s possible that Apex Legends will be used in a similar exclusivity deal, perhaps with iPhone. Though, this is purely speculation. It’s just worth noting that the Android and iPhone release dates might not be on the same day.

If you’re an avid Apex Legends fan considering a new phone, it might be worth waiting until further information about the game and the mobile platforms it supports.