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Report: Fortnite Mobile to Come Pre-Installed on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date is almost upon us. The new smartphone is set to launch next month at Samsung Unpacked 2018. We’ll finally get our first proper look at Samsung’s new flagship smartphone. While it’ll come packing with a 4,000mAh battery and other new, small features, the Galaxy Note 9 largely appears similar to the Galaxy Note 8. It’s lacking that one new filler feature that truly sets it apart from the pack. It might have found it in Fortnite. Reports suggest that the Galaxy Note 9 will launch with Fortnite Mobile installed. Ninja might just make an appearance at the event, to boot.

This report comes from supposedly reputable sources speaking to xda. Their source tells them that the whole launch of the phone will be based around Fortnite. Will we finally be able to play Fortnite on Android? Perhaps the Fortnite on Android delay was always because of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9? A feasible argument, for sure. For Fortnite fans, its sounding like the Galaxy Note 9 will be the phone to go for. If these rumors turn out true, that is.

According to reports, not only will the Galaxy Note 9 come loaded with Fortnite Mobile, it will also come with a bevy of bonuses. Another report from 9to5Google suggests that not only will we get the game, but also $100-150 worth of V-Bucks to spend for free. There is also word that the new S Pen will work with Fortnite. Although how it might work is unclear. We’d guess you could use it to help aim or go through menus with more precision. Further reports also suggest that we’ll be able to use Samsung DeX with Fortnite Mobile on the Note 9. Although, we don’t know how. Again, the details are sketchy and this is only a rumor.

For those unwilling to pay out around $1,000 (we’d surmise, anyway) for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to play Fortnite Mobile on Android, there is some kind of good news. Fortnite Mobile is said to be exclusive to the Note 9 for 30 days. After that, we may see Fortnite on all sorts of Android devices.

Thankfully, there isn’t long to wait to find out whether or not the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come pre-loaded with Fortnite Mobile. Will we see Ninja on stage on August 9th announcing the partnership? Time to play the waiting game… That’s boring. Who’s for some Fortnite?

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