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Pokemon Go New Lures | How to get Glacial Lure Module and Mossy Lure Module

Pokemon Go new Lures have been leaked by dataminers ahead of their official reveal. If you want to know how to get Glacial Lure module and Mossy Lure module, in a bid to evolve Eevee into Glaceon or Leafeon, you’re in luck. Read our Pokemon Go new Lures guide for more.

Pokemon Go New Lures | How to get Glacial Lure Module and Glaceon

Pokemon Go New Lures

Pokemon Go new Lures were found by leaker Chrales, and show how players will be able to get Glaceon and Leafeon from Eevee. As we mentioned in a previous guide about Eevee’s multiple evolutions, the Ice-type and Grass-type evolutions are not yet present in Niantic’s game.

This is set to change though thanks to the files that Chrales uncovered in the game’s databank. The Glacial Lure module is a frosty module type that attracts cold-loving Pokemon for a period of 30 minutes. According to the files found by Chrales, however, it can also allow some Pokemon to evolve.

This would be a perfect fit for Eevee to evolve into Glaceon. Currently, Lures are used to increase Pokemon spawn rates around PokeStops. It’s highly likely that the Glacial Lure will need to be used near a PokeStop to evolve Eevee into Glaceon.

As for how to get the Glacial Lure, there’s obviously no official word on how you’ll obtain them. You can get Lures at the in-game store, or occasionally through leveling up Pokemon, so we suspect this will be the case for the Glacial Lure too.

Pokemon Go New Lures | How to get Mossy Lure Module and Leafeon

Pokemon Go New Lures

What about Pokemon Go new Lures that can get you Leafeon? Well, it shouldn’t work any differently to what we’ve discussed above.

The Mossy Lure module is certain to increase the spawn rate of grass-type Pokemon and, like the Glacial Lure, can cause some Pokemon to evolve. For the grass evolution of Eevee, this would be another ideal item.

Again, we’re unsure how you’ll be able to get this Lure just yet. If it works like normal Lures, you’ll be able to buy them in the shop or get them from leveling up your Pokemon.