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Tales of the Abyss 3DS Cheats


Grade Shop

After completing the game and saving after the credits, load the cleared Save File. It will have a star on it. You will be able to access the Grade Shop where you can buy extra stuff that affects your next game with the Grade Points you received from battles. Any leftover grade will be kept for your next playthrough.

1/2 Experience - 10 Grade

10x Experience - 3000 Grade

2x Experience - 1000 Grade

2x Gald - 600 Grade

Decrease Starting HP by 150 - 10 Grade

Display Synopsis from beginning - 10 Grade

Double Grade increase and Decrease - 100 Grade

Increase Max Item Limit to 20 - 400 Grade

Increase Over Limit fill speed - 450 Grade

Increase Starting HP by 500 - 250 Grade

Inherit AD Skills - 900 Grade

Inherit Artes Learned - 1000 Grade

Inherit Artes Usage - 100 Grade

Inherit Battle Info - 10 Grade

Inherit Capacity Cores - 500 Grade

Inherit Character Disc Info - 10 Grade

Inherit Collector's Book Data - 10 Grade

Inherit Cooking Ability - 50 Grade

Inherit FS Chambers - 150 Grade

Inherit Gald - 1000 Grade

Inherit Items - 500 Grade

Inherit mini-game data - 10 Grade

Inherit Recipes - 50 Grade

Inherit Special Items - 10 Grade

Inherit Titles (including cotumes) - 500 Grade

Inherit World Map info - 10 Grade

Inrease Combo Bonus - 50 Grade

Play Time carried over - 10 Grade

Game Unlockables

Unlockable How to Unlock
Game Record Available at the title screen after beating the game
Grade Shop Save a clear file after beating the game, and you will be able to start your new game+ file with the grade shop with your cleared file.
Sound Test Available at the title screen after beating the game
Unknown Mode Beat the game once
Very Hard Mode Beat the game once

The Abyss Replica Facility

The Abyss Replica Facility is a secret dungeon that can only be unlocked when you are playing on your second playthrough. To gain access, you need to have saved Shiba and completed the Ortion Cavern(East) side quest. Go to Sheridan and talk to the two men in the northwest part of town, then Shiba, and you will at last be taken to the dungeon.

Unlockable How to Unlock
The Abyss Replica Facility Beat the game once

The Secret Shop, Brillante

In order to unlock this secret shop, you must have completely filled out the collector's book in the game. Once completed, speak to the man dressed in purple at the library in the Daath church to receive Jade's "Item Collector" Title. Speak to the man again with the title equipped and the shop will appear near the inn around Grand Chokmah.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Secret Shop(Brillante) Complete the Collector's Book