Fairy Tail Episode 308 Air Date

The Fairy Tail episode 308 air date is fast approaching. For those of you looking to get a headstart on watching Fairy Tail season 9, episode 31 online as soon as it lands, you’ll be pleased to know you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re spreading our wings and flying– just kidding, we’ll give you the Fairy Tail episode 308 release times in the US and UK so you can tune in and witness the fallout from last week’s shocking events involving Natsu. We’ll also lend a hand and deliver the Fairy Tail episode 308 English dub release date, just in case you prefer dub over sub. Hey, no shame here!

When is the Fairy Tail episode 308 air date?

Fairy Tail Episode 308

Not long to wait now. Be sure to go to either the Funimation Fairy Tail hub, or Crunchyroll’s dedicated page to the long-running anime at these times on May 11, 2019 to ensure you can be one of the first in the world to watch it.

  • 3:30 PM Pacific
  • 6:30 PM Eastern
  • 11:30 PM BST

Be mindful, however, that release schedules can tend to go south. There may be problems with last-minute edits or changes and, as such, the episode 308 release time might not be adhered to. It could be 10 minutes, a few days, or even more, but don’t be surprised if things suddenly get delayed. We obviously hope it lands at the time listed above, but anime can be a fickle beast at the best of times.

Fairy Tail episode 308 dub release date

Fairy Tail Episode 308

Funimation provides the Fairy Tail English dub but, unfortunately, things are a little bit behind compared to the dub. As of writing, the subbed version of Fairy Tail is three weeks ahead. If it continues in that pattern, we can expect the Fairy Tail episode 308 dub release date to be around June 2019, specifically the very first full week.