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Rage 2 Multiplayer | Does Rage 2 have co-op or PVP?

If you’re wondering whether there’s a Rage 2 multiplayer mode in Bethesda’s upcoming game, we’re here to help. We tell all about if there’s co-op or PVP support in this title, so read our Rage 2 multiplayer guide for the lowdown on if this is part of the experience.

Rage 2 Multiplayer | Is co-op or PVP available?

Rage 2 Multiplayer

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but, no, there is no Rage 2 multiplayer support. If you were hoping to play the game alongside a buddy in co-op mode, or take on your mates in a PVP game type, you’ll be out of luck.

We know this because Magnus Nedfors, Rage 2 designer at Avalanche Studios, revealed as much in a sit-down interview with Eurogamer. Nedfors confirmed that any atypical multiplayer component would not be present in the sequel to the 2011 game as Rage 2 is a “strictly single-player game.”

Players have been left polarized by this fact, with plenty taking to the game’s Reddit page to debate the fact that it won’t have multiplayer support. Some are in favor of this, while others aren’t, which goes to show you can’t please everyone all of the time.

Rage 2 Multiplayer | Social component

Rage 2 Multiplayer

There will be a very nuanced Rage 2 multiplayer component coming to the game down the line though. Tim Willitts, studio director at id Software, revealed to Eurogamer that there would be a “social component” coming in the future.

We don’t know what this will entail, but there’s the likelihood that it’ll be some form of leaderboard or community-led aspect. This would allow for players to compete against one another during their missions by, say, pitting their run time against each other.

Rage 2 will be a live service game, so there will be some form of community factor to it. In terms of what people expect of the term “multiplayer” though, you’re likely to be very disappointed.