All E3 2019 Conference Times Schedule | Xbox, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Nintendo, and more

The video game fan’s Christmas isn’t too far away now, as E3 2019 is right around the corner. Just like every year, a whole host of video game companies are taking to Los Angeles to deliver press conferences or stream announcement videos between June 8-13. Pretty much everyone will be there, so to help you out, we’re here with our all E3 2019 Conference Times Schedule guide. If you’re after the lowdown on Nintendo E3 2019 times, Xbox E3 2019 times, Ubisoft E3 2019 times, Square Enix E3 2019 times, Bethesda E3 2019 times, and more, we’re here to let you know what’s happening. Mark those calendars, E3 2019 is coming in hot.

All E3 2019 Conference Times Schedule | Nintendo

All E3 2019 Conference Times Schedule

Nintendo once again is not getting on stage to deliver a big flashy press conference. For a few years now, Nintendo has instead opted to deliver an E3 Nintendo Direct while maintaining a presence for those at the convention center. This year is no different. Nintendo is planning Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate world championships, an E3 Nintendo Direct, Treehouse Live, and a presence on the E3 floor for those attending. For the full details, please refer to our own post about Nintendo’s E3 2019 plans.

The schedule, however, is as follows:

  • June 8, 11 AM PT (7 PM BST): Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Championship 2019 3v3 preceded by the Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019 tournaments. All will be streamed online
  • June 11, 9 AM PT (5 PM BST): Nintendo Direct E3 2019. Tune in to see the latest Switch game announcements
  • June 11-13: Nintendo Treehouse Live. After the fun of the E3 Nintendo Direct, you can watch hours of live-streamed Nintendo Treehouse presentation involving all of the latest games. There might even be something new on show

Keep the official Nintendo E3 2019 website bookmarked to watch it all unfold live.

All E3 2019 Conference Times Schedule | Xbox

All E3 2019 Conference Times Schedule

Unlike Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft will be holding its traditional Xbox E3 Briefing live on stage from LA for all to see. Expect to see new, previously unannounced games, trailers, and perhaps even a look at the next generation Xbox at the following times:

  • Sunday, June 9, 2019: 1 PM PT | 4 PM ET | 10 PM BST

Make sure to keep the official Xbox Mixer Channel bookmarked in order to watch all of the company’s E3 2019 shenanigans unfold live as they happen. Time for a proper look at Halo Infinite?

All E3 2019 Conference Times Schedule

All E3 2019 Conference Times Schedule

Of course, it’s not only Nintendo and Microsoft with E3 2019 happenings. Alongside the Big N and Xbox, you are also being treated to the PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, EA Play, Devolver Digital, Square Enix, and Bethesda Press Conferences. With all of those companies present, there’s bound to be something on show for everyone.

The full E3 2019 schedule is as follows:

  • EA Play (no press conference): Various live streams throughout June 8-9
  • Splatoon 2 World Championship: June 8, 11 AM PT | 2 PM ET | 7 PM BST
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Championship: June 8, 2 PM PT | 5 PM ET | 10 PM BST
  • Xbox: June 9, 1 PM PT | 4 PM ET | 10 PM BST
  • Bethesda: June 9, 5:30 PM PT | 8:30 PM ET | June 10, 1:30 AM BST
  • PC Gaming Show: June 10, 10 AM PT | 1 PM ET | 6 PM BST
  • Limited Run Games: June 10, 12 PM PT | 3 PM ET | 8 PM BST
  • Ubisoft: June 10, 1 PM PT | 4 PM ET | 9 PM BST
  • Square Enix: June 10, 6 PM PT | 9 PM ET | June 11, 2 AM BST
  • Devolver Digital: June 10, 8 PM PT | 11 PM ET | June 11, 4 AM BST
  • VR Showcase: June 10, 9 PM PT | June 11, 12 AM ET | June 11, 5 AM BST
  • Nintendo Direct E3 2019: June 11, 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET | 5 PM BST

Sony E3 2019 Conference | Is there a PlayStation E3 2019 conference?

All E3 2019 Conference Times Schedule

Sadly, Sony won’t be heading to E3 this year. This marks the first time that the company hasn’t appeared at the annual video game event. Recently, Sony has been taking to following the Nintendo Direct approach of streaming short videos crammed with new trailers, announcements, and more in PlayStation State of Play videos.

In an interview with CNET, Shawn Layden, head of Sony’s game-making division, explained that E3 isn’t currently relevant to Sony as “the world has changed, but E3 hasn’t necessarily changed with it.” Essentially, with a change to how Sony is prioritizing fewer, but bigger game releases throughout a year, E3 just isn’t at a great time for them to announce or show anything new.

Sony appears to be swapping to announcing things and showing new content at its own leisure, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Plus, with the PS5 seemingly getting closer and closer to release, perhaps Sony is waiting to show something really big by the end of this year, not at E3. However, a third State of Play can not be discounted, so keep an eye out for that if it gets announced.