Boruto Episode 106 Air Date | When can I watch the new Boruto Naruto Next Generations episode?

It’s time for a new arc, so the Boruto episode 106 air date should be at the forefront of your mind heading into this weekend’s hotly-anticipated slate of anime shows. The Steam Ninja Scrolls begins with the new Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode, but the air date and release times aren’t pretty viewing for either the US or UK, especially if you want to watch Boruto episode 106 online before anyone else gets a chance to spoil things for you. If you’re fine with setting your alarm clock, here’s everything you need to know about this week’s episode.

When is the Boruto episode 106 air date?

boruto episode 106

Boruto, of course, is more popular in Japan than the West, though it’s strange to see a show lean so heavily on an Eastern release time without much care paid to those elsewhere. Still, it’s manageable if you’re a die-hard. All you need to do is get up bright and early on Sunday, May 12 at these times:

  • 2:00 AM Pacific
  • 5:00 AM Eastern
  • 10:00 AM BST

Once you’re up, head on over to Crunchyroll to watch episode 106, “The S-Rank mission.” No, it’s not a playthrough of my Devil May Cry 5 run, surprisingly enough, but the start of a multiple-episode arc.

Boruto episode 106 English dub release time

boruto episode 106

Unlike the culture of simulcast dub and subbed episode that we’ve become accustomed to over the years, the Toonami English dub of Boruto is still flagging a long way behind its Japanese audio cousin. In fact, it’s around 80 episodes behind at the moment, making a 2019 release date for the Boruto episode 106 English dub increasingly unlikely as the months pass on.

If you’re desperate to keep watching, it might be best to switch on over to the sub, lest you want to fall even further behind. It may be sacrilege to some, but it’s worth realizing before it’s too late.