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Monster Hunter: World Free Trial | How to play for free on PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 users are in for a treat over the next 10 days or so since Monster Hunter: World will be available for free! That’s right, a Monster Hunter: World free trial began on May 9 and runs all the way through May 20. If you have been wanting to try out Monster Hunter: World now is a great time, as it is free and includes access to a big chunk of the full game. Unfortunately, the Monster Hunter World free trial is only available for PlayStation 4 users with no mention of a free trial to come for PC or Xbox One.

Monster Hunter: World Free Trial | How to play for free on PlayStation 4

Monster Hunter World Free Trial

To play the Monster Hunter: World free trial, you’ll need two things: A PlayStation 4 and an active PS Plus membership. Once you’ve got those, you are ready to go. Head over to the PSN Store on your PlayStation 4 and search for Monster Hunter: World. Once it comes up, you’ll see the option to download a trial version of the game.

Monster Hunter: World can be downloaded any time between today and May 20. However, the Monster Hunter: World free trial will stop working after May 20, even if you downloaded it before that. After the trial, if you decide to purchase the full version, your progress will carry over.

The Monster Hunter: World free trial only offers access to main mission up to the Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi mission. However, there will be plenty of quests and side quests to give you a good feel for the game. Additionally, all 14 weapons available in the full game will be playable in the free trial, along with most armor.

If you haven’t tried out Monster: Hunter World yet, now might be a good time ahead of the new DLC. It was announced yesterday that Monster Hunter: World Iceborne will release later this year for consoles on September 6.