Black Clover Episode 83 Air Date

After last week’s filler, here’s hoping the Black Clover episode 83 air date will be a day to look forward to rather than dread. The cliffhanger from a few weeks ago should (potentially) be cleared up, so let’s not mess around here. You want to know how to watch Black Clover episode 83 online in the US and UK, right? I get that, which is why we’re covering that in some detail, alongside release times and even a potential English dub release date.

When is the Black Clover episode 83 air date?

Black Clover episode 83

As always, Tuesdays is when Black Clover arrives with a new episode. So, Tuesday, May 14 is your air date, though those in the US might want to steer well clear of the release time judging by the annoyingly early start.

In the US, you’ll have to get up before the crack of dawn: It’s a 3:25 AM Pacific release time. Ooft. That’s 6:25 AM Eastern, which is only slightly better.

UK Black Clover fans have a much easier time of it as Black Clover episode 83 airs at the much more favorable time of 11:25 AM BST.

To watch the new Black Clover episode, you’re going to want to get on over to either Funimation or Crunchyroll, depending on your streaming service of choice. However, as you’ll soon find out, the simulcast doesn’t quite extend to the English dub version.

Black Clover episode 83 English dub release date

Black Clover episode 83

The English dub is currently only available on Funimation and, even then, it’s running a little bit behind. That’s to be expected, as the dub is a very different proposition to a subbed Black Clover episode 83 but, even so, it might disappoint some fans.

The episode 83 English dub should (though plans change) be released on May 28, 2019. So, it’s not all bad news and only a minor wait compared to some anime dubs.