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Rage 2 1.02 Update Patch Notes | Rage 2 Day One Patch

Wondering what that mahoosive Rage 2 1.02 update is all about? Well, it’s part of the Rage 2 Day One Patch and, fair warning here, there’s not a great deal we know about it. Such radio silence is rare for normal updates but, when it comes to a pre-release update, it’s pretty much fair game. Below, we’ll explain the lack of Rage 2 1.02 update patch notes while speculating on what could have changed in the new Rage 2 update. Don’t get Cross now, y’hear?

Rage 2 1.02 Update

rage 2 1.02 update

Download size

On both Xbox One and PS4, the Rage 2 Day One Patch download size is just a smidgen below 13 GB, which is pretty hefty. It’ll come bundled with the game when you load it up and must be downloaded to ensure everything is up to date and (crucially) bug-free on launch.


Bethesda, nor developers Id Software or Avalanche Studios, have yet opened up about what’s new in the Rage 2 1.02 update.

The reasons for that are manifold: With the game only being playable to a select few reviewers, influencers, and others, there’s going to be very little meaningful comparison between the pre-1.02 version of Rage 2 and what comes after it.

Sharing the likes of balance fixes etc would likely prove an exercise in futility as no one, frankly, is going to be able to tell the difference. That stuff stays behind closed doors, and rightfully so. The update history on PS4 says “bug fixes” but, other than that, we have no other official word to go on.

However, we can speculate about what might have changed. In all likelihood, some last minute bugs have been squashed, alongside ironing out any other glitches and performance issues that have perhaps cropped up during the recent review period. Optimization, particularly on PC, is crucial, too, so don’t be surprised if some elbow grease was applied just before the game’s release on May 14. It’s all in an effort to make it play as smoothly as possible for the wider public upon release.

Rage 2 1.02 Update Patch Notes

rage 2 1.02 update

As mentioned above, no official Rage 2 1.02 update patch notes have been released, and likely never will be. If this changes, we will update this page to accurately reflect it.