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Rage 2 Motion Blur Bug | Why is my screen so fuzzy?

A Rage 2 motion blur bug is annoying PC and Xbox One owners. The issue is causing their screens to show fuzzy graphics during their playthroughs even if motion blur is turned off. Find out if there’s a fix for this Rage 2 motion blur bug with our help.

Rage 2 Motion Blur Bug | Fuzzy screen effect

Rage 2 Motion Blur Bug

As we mentioned, Xbox One and PC players are having issues with this Rage 2 motion blur bug. Threads have been popping up on the game’s Reddit page and the Steam community forums as people try to find a solution to this problem.

Players have complained that the game is too blurry for them to play for long stretches. Some have tried toggling the motion blur effect off, especially when driving at speed, to see if this helps resolve the problem. However, even turning this option off isn’t fixing the issue, and it’s making some players feel motion sick because of it.

Rage 2 Motion Blur Bug | How to fix

Rage 2 Motion Blur Bug

If you’re a PC player you’ll be in luck with a Rage 2 motion blur bug fix. You’ll need to set your resolution scale to a custom number in your PC settings, but be advised that Microsoft says this is not a recommended solution to take.

If you want to set a custom scaling, head to the Settings app on your PC. Click on “System,” and wait for the “Display” tab to pop up. Look down the page until you see “Advanced scaling settings” and click on this. A new page will load up, and you can enter a custom scaling number between 100 and 500 in the box at the bottom of the page. One user on the above Steam thread revealed that setting it at 100 was the best solution to this.

If you’re playing the game on Xbox One, however, you’ll be out of luck. There’s no way to fix this problem on console, so you’ll have to wait for Bethesda to release a patch that resolves this blurry issue.