Plants vs. Zombies DS Cheats

Cheat Codes

8 bit arcade plants vs zombies game + cheats for it

After you have beaten the game can play more than 3 mini-games. A mini-game you can play after beating the game is Air Raid. It is the Plants vs. Zombies version of some old 8 bit arcade game. A hint for it is when the zombot has a plant in a blue energy ball you shoot the ball then go have your craft touch the plant and it will equip to your craft and power it up. Pumpkin and threepeater are the equips. Jalapeno is a bomb type of thing that damages the zombot. You can equip threepeater and pumpkin at the same time.

threepeater - turns your gattling gun into a threepeater that shoots 4 peas out each head

pumpkin - armor

jalapeno - when out of the ball it will sit there for a brief moment then puts fire out left and right of where it is

Where to get stuff for zen garden (ignore the code part)

If you're thinking of getting the aquarium garden you might want to hold off because there only three different plants able there because no upgraded plants. Below there is info for where to get stuff.

chocolate - i, zombie (the most of all the levels)

mushroom and aquarium gardens and wheelbarrow - crazy dave

tree of wisdom, tree of wisdom food - crazy dave

marigolds - crazy dave

fertilizer, bug spray, phonograph, golden watering can - crazy dave

plant moving glove - crazy dave

stinky the snail - crazy dave

mushrooms and night plants - night survival and night levels

day plants - day survival and day levels

aquatic plants - pool survival and pool levels

aquatic and night plants - fog survival and fog levels

roof plants - roof survival and roof levels

all plants - endless survival

zen garden - adventure level 5-4 on the first time

How to get a lot of money fast

1) beat the game

2) go to last stand after you unlocked it

3) plant all possible lilly pads on the water spaces

4) plant two/three columns (up and down, sideways are rows) of tallnuts closest to where the zombies come

5) plant all marigolds behind it

6) press the play button or whatever it is in that level

7) enjoy lots and lots of money

A Rainbow of Marigolds

Although you only see three marigold pots in Crazy Dave's shop, they are not always the same. They are a different color every day. I collected every color and made a rainbow of marigolds in my zen garden.