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Rage 2 Overdrive Bug | Why can’t I use or charge Overdrive?

Players have been reporting a Rage 2 Overdrive bug online. There’s been plenty of queries from people who claim that they can’t use or charge their Overdrive meter. With it being a pretty integral part of combat and gunplay in the game, it’s worth addressing any Overdrive problems ASAP. Find out if there’s a fix for the Rage 2 Overdrive bug by reading our guide.

Rage 2 Overdrive Bug | Overdrive won’t charge or activate

Rage 2 Overdrive Bug

The Rage 2 Overdrive bug, as you might have guessed, relates to the power you’re given if you fill up your Overdrive meter. It allows you to do more damage, regenerate health, and gain better loot dropped by enemies you’ve killed for a certain amount of time. You pick it up at the start of the game, so it should be available to use from the get-go.

However, players have been finding that they can’t charge or activate Overdrive. Numerous threads have cropped up about the issue on the game’s Steam Community page, while the Rage 2 Reddit page has threads such as this one too.

Each topic describes players’ inability to use Overdrive when they need to, and people are sick of not being able to charge or activate a power that’s supposed to help them.

Rage 2 Overdrive Bug | Is there a fix?

Rage 2 Overdrive Bug

If you’ve come in search of a fix for the Rage 2 Overdrive bug, we have mostly bad news for you. If you’re on PC and you’ve remapped your keyboard controls, reverting back to the default setting might help.

Other than that, replies in all of the above threads show that, if you didn’t use Overdrive during the tutorial at the game’s beginning, it’ll be bugged for the rest of your game.

The only real way to sort out this issue is to, unfortunately, start a new game. That isn’t what most of you will want to hear, especially if you’re a good 10+ hours into Bethesda’s title. The only other hope you have is if Bethesda patches a fix for this in the near future. That currently looks unlikely though. You’ll either have to press on without it or start the game all over again.