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Fortnite Xbox One Bundle Skin | How to unlock Dark Vertex

A brand-new Fortnite Xbox One bundle skin appears to be on the way. Well, when we say brand-new, the Xbox One S Fortnite skin is actually a dark purple version of the standard Vertex skin. You will get a swanky dark purple Xbox One S with your new Fortnite skin, however. Read on for the full details on the Fortnite Dark Vertex Xbox One skin. This includes how to unlock Vertex.

What is the Fortnite Xbox One Bundle Skin?

Fortnite Xbox One Bundle Skin

As stated above, it appears as though Microsoft is once again teaming up with Epic Games to deliver a new Fortnite skin. This time around, however, things look as though they are different. What you get in the Dark Vertex Xbox One bundle is as follows:

  • A dark purple 1 TB Xbox One S
  • Dark purple Xbox One controller
  • Dark Vertex set for Fortnite
    • The Dark Vertex set looks like it will include the Dark Vertex outfit and accompanying Glider, Pickaxe, and V-Bucks

It’s all themed as dark purple and looks rather good, we must say. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the dark purple Xbox One S is Fortnite themed in any way. The Dark Vertex outfit (and its accompanying gear), too, is just a re-coloring of the already existing Vertex skin. The included controller looks as though it has crosshairs in-between its ABXY buttons, however.

Image credit: @FNMasterCom

Fortnite Xbox One Bundle Skin | How to unlock Vertex

fortnite xbox one bundle skin

Unfortunately, the only way to get hold of the Dark Vertex outfit will be to buy the Xbox One S bundle. Hopefully, however, the Dark Vertex set will be made available as a standalone purchase for Fortnite at a later date (for the Xbox One version, at least.

While the exclusive Dark Vertex set and the undeniably cool dark purple Xbox One S and controller will all make your friends and opponents jealous, it’s up to you whether or not the likely $299.99 price is worth it.