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Team Sonic Racing Boost | How to get a boost at the start line

Team Sonic Racing is out soon, and it’s the latest game in the respected series of Sega kart racing games. This one is based entirely around the world of Sonic the Hedgehog, rather than general Sega characters like previous games, and has some interesting team mechanics. Nevertheless, one thing remains consistent: You can get a special boost at the start line if you’re clever. Here’s how to pull off the Team Sonic Racing boost trick.

What is the Team Sonic Racing Boost?

There’s a trick common to all kart racing games, which started with the first Mario Kart on SNES, which involves getting a head-start on your opponents at the very start of the race by getting a boost. How to pull off the start line boost differs from game to game however, although all previous Sonic Racing games have had this special boost trick. Of course, if you fail to get the boost, it’s absolutely guaranteed that your opponents (human or AI) will have managed it, so it’s even more vital that you do it.

How to pull off the start line boost trick in Team Sonic Racing

Like all other kart racing games, Team Sonic Racing has the starting line boost, and while it allows a little bit of leeway, the trick to getting a perfect boost is one of the hardest we ever encountered. You’ll need to try, at least, otherwise you’ll be left severely lagging behind your opponents.

Just before the start of the race, the game will count down to the start with “3… 2… 1… Go!” as usual. In order to get the boost, you have to press accelerate exactly as those numbers come up, and then press the button exactly as the race starts. If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll see two lights shine on the back of your vehicle, first blue and then purple for a more powerful boost. If you just got one of the numbers, it’ll be a smaller boost. Fortunately if you mess up you won’t spin out like you do in Mario Kart. Give it a go!

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