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Overwatch Anniversary 2019 | Skins, release date, events, everything we know

The Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event is coming up as the popular shooter is approaching its third birthday. Unlike other events, we don’t know as much about this one before its launch. But while we don’t know all of the Overwatch Anniversary 2019 skins just yet, we do know the release date and some hints on what the event will contain.

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 release date

The Overwatch Anniversary 2019 start date is May 21. The official Twitter account silently revealed this on May 18 without saying much about when it either way. However, the invite did hint that past events are coming back, as evidenced by the font and color of the video.

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 skins

We know all of the Overwatch Anniversary 2019 skins this year. The Epic ones are are Midnight D.Va, Carbon Fiber Doomfist, Carbon Fiber Pharah, Oro Sombra, and Electric Widowmaker and the Legendary skins are Academy D.Va, Gargoyle Winston, Riot Police Brigitte, Honeydew Mei, Orbital Pharah, and Toxic Roadhog. This Overwatch Anniversary 2019 D.Va skin appears to be the famed pilot in her school uniform. You can see them in the above gallery.

Blizzard usually slowly reveals new skins for about a week advance but it seems as though the studio opted to show fewer of them this time around. The Anniversary skins usually follow a pattern of not following a pattern, meaning that they don’t fit a certain theme and are quite random. However, the dancing emotes are a pattern and Blizzard will probably add dance emotes for characters that don’t already have one.

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 events

The Anniversary event does not feature any new events like the event in past years. However, players will get a chance to play past event modes as they cycle through the Arcade. So you’ll have the chance to jump back into Junkenstein’s Revenge if you’d like. This also means the cosmetics from other events will be attainable in the loot boxes next to all the new stuff. The studio is also giving away Legendary loot box to anyone who logs in during the event, which guarantees a Legendary item.

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 maps

While not as easy as an assumption as new skins and returning modes, this Overwatch Anniversary 2019 update may bring a few new maps. While we did just get the Havana map in the last update, 2017’s Anniversary brought three new Arcade maps and 2018’s added one more. Blizzard could continue this trend with something for the Arcade for Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event. This event, however, did not bring any new maps.