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Fortnite Gold Text | What are golden named places?

A brand-new Fortnite update dropped today, bringing with it plenty of new features and changes. One such new feature is the Fortnite Gold Text. What are golden named places? Read on to find out what gold named places in Fortnite mean and why you should be on the lookout for Fortnite Hot Spots. If you want to know what a Fortnite Hot Spot is, this is definitely the guide for you.

Fortnite Gold Text | What are golden named places?

Fortnite Gold Text Hot Spot Loot Carrier

The aforementioned Fortnite gold text and golden named places are part of a brand-new feature that was introduced in the latest Fortnite update version 9.10. These are officially known as Fortnite Hot Spots.

From now on (until Epic Games either changes or removes the feature), Hot Spots will appear randomly on the map in every game of battle royale. These are areas that will contain flying drone-like Loot Carriers. If you look on the map and see a named location (or a few of them) written in gold, this means that it is a Hot Spot,  and that Loot Carrier items can be found there. There will be at least one Hot Spot in any given match, but there’s a 25% chance that there will be two and a five percent chance that there will be three.

You might just get hold of some powerful rare weapons if you shoot one of the Hot Spots down. The Hot Spot Loot Carriers will definitely drop a “weapon of Rare or higher quality.” You will also receive two lots of ammo as well. Any Hot Spot will contain between 12 and 16 Loot Carriers flying in the airspace. This depends on the size of the named location, of course.

To give yourself a chance of bagging a Rare or better weapon, simply head to a golden named location on the Fortnite map. Once inside the Hot Spot area, look through the air for any Loot Carriers (they’re not hard to spot). If you see one, shoot it down to claim your loot. Be warned though, everyone will know where the Hot Spots are.

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