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Fortnite Downtown Drop Challenges | Change tiles and dance between two food trucks location

The new Jordan event made its way into Fortnite this morning, bringing with it a new LTM, challenges, and rewards. The LTM is known as Downtown Drop. The list of Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges is updated every day, with new rewards becoming available daily as well. At the launch of the event, only two challenges were available. To unlock the new Back Board (Rex) and Gameface (Spray) items, players will need to complete two challenges: Change tiles and dance between two food trucks. We’ve got a rundown on how changing the tiles work and the dance between two food truck location. Let’s get started.

Fortnite Downtown Drop Challenges | Change 1,000 tiles

Fortnite Downtown Drop Challenges

Changing 1,000 tiles will earn you a new Back Board (Rex) item. Changing tiles is really simple, so this challenge will likely be one of the easier Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges. All you need to do is play the mode! The Downtown Drop LTM is all about coloring the city by changing tiles, so as you move around the NYC-inspired city streets, tiles will change to your color automatically. If someone else goes over them, they will change to their color. However, for the sake of the challenge, all you need to do is change the tile to your color once; it doesn’t matter if someone else covers it up later.

Fortnite Downtown Drop Challenges | Dance between two food trucks location

Fortnite Downtown Drop Challenges

The next Fortnite Downtown Drop challenge that has unlocked requires players to dance between two food trucks, and will reward them with the Gameface spray. This may seem intimidating, because finding the location of two food trucks could be difficult. However, it is quite easy. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give you the exact location of the two food trucks since there is no map in the Downtown Drop mode.

However, as you’re playing, you should pass by the two food trucks location multiple times. As you’re running through the area, the two food trucks can be found at the bottom of one of the slanted streets. So, whenever you’re running through a downward slanted street, just look off to your left and you’ll like see the two food trucks very quickly. Simply run over to them and pick your dance of choice to complete the Fortnite challenge.