Dauntless Neutral Orbs | How to farm Neutral Orbs

In Dauntless, players will need to gather items, craft new gear, and even upgrade their weapons to progress. One of the main ways that players will do this is by collecting Aether Orbs, a special crafting material that can be acquired in five different forms. For the purpose of this guide we’ll focus solely on how to farm Neutral Orbs, which are the standard type of Aether Orb available in Dauntless.

How to Farm Neutral Orbs in Dauntless

As stated above, Neutral Orbs are just one of the five types of Aether Orbs that players will need to collect in Dauntless. We’ll cover how to collect the others quickly in another guide, but for now let’s focus solely on Neutral Orbs and the best ways to farm them.

Like most materials that you need to craft items in RPGs, Neutral Orbs can be acquired through normal gameplay. Many of the Behemoths that you hunt down in Dauntless are considered neutral, and thus will reward you with Neutral Orbs almost anytime that you break or sever body parts from them. While this can be a good way to gather Neutral Orbs during normal playtime, there are better ways to maximize how many Neutral Orbs you’re earning while you play.

Dauntless - Farm for Neutral Orbs

First, you’re going to need to play through the missions and quests until you unlock the ability to go on Patrols. Once you unlock Patrols, you’ll be able to take on Neutral Patrols. This missions rank from a threat level of 3 to 5 and will have you face off against either a Gnasher, Shrike, or Quillshot.

The Gnasher is the easiest of the Neutral Behemoths available in Dauntless, recommending a Power level of 100 to take it down. The Shrike is stronger than the Gnasher, requiring 150 Power to face off against it. Finally, the Quillshot is the most difficult of the Neutral Behemoths in Dauntless, coming in at a recommended Power level of 200.

While you won’t get to choose exactly which enemy you’ll face off against, it shouldn’t take you long to be strong enough to go head to head with all three without much issue. You can also complete Patrols with a preset party, or by matchmaking with others online if you find yourself struggling to complete them. Each Neutral Patrol that you complete will grant you 10 Neutral Orbs just for completing it. You’ll also receive additional Neutral Orbs for the first two Patrols you complete, as well as more Neutral Orbs for simply breaking or severing parts of the Behemoth that you have to hunt down.

Dauntless - Neutral Orbs in side quests

Another good way to farm for Neutral Orbs is to clear out the various missions and side quests that you have available to you in Dauntless. There are several missions you can take on from the various NPCs around Ramsgate, and each one will reward you with several different goodies for your trouble. While not all of them will reward you with Neutral Orbs, or any kind of Aether Orb for that matter, you can complete them alongside your normal Patrols to maximize your earning potential.

How to Use Neutral Orbs in Dauntless

Once you have acquired a nice number of Neutral Orbs, you can start crafting new Neutral gear by visiting the two crafting stations in Ramsgate.  You can talk to Wils Bormen to craft or upgrade weapons, while Moyra Heigsketter will allow you to craft and upgrade armor. Neutral Orbs are fundamental to craft Neutral armor and weapons from the Gnasher, Shrike, and Quillshot variants. Each weapon and armor set will offer additional bonuses that you can use to really pinpoint your preferred playstyle.

You’re going to need a lot of Neutral Orbs as you upgrade and craft new Neutral based armor and gear. Neutral is by far one of the best types of armor and weapons to invest in, as it can go up against any Behemoths without any kind of weaknesses to worry about. The only downside is you won’t get any kind of damage bonus against Behemoths, as none of the monsters are weak to Neutral aligned gear. Don’t write off your Neutral armor and weapons, though. Despite the hours that we’ve put into Dauntless, we’re still making use of our Gnasher armor in hunts as it provides a solid and well-rounded set of options and bonuses.