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FIFA 19 FUT Store Down | Ultimate Team not working fix

Is the FIFA 19 FUT Store down? Unfortunately, players are discovering that the game’s Ultimate Team mode isn’t working as expected. The FUT Store being down means that players cannot buy packs, which deliver a randomized selection of players and items that can be used in Ultimate Team.

Players have reported that the FUT store going offline has interfered with the number of packs they’ve received, with them apparently receiving fewer packs than usual after handing over cash in the store. Others have stated that the walkout animations, which sees high-level players appear in a cutscene whenever they’re uncovered in a pack, have been disabled. However, some aren’t able to access the FUT Store altogether, with it going offline completely for a number of users.

FIFA 19 FUT Store down fix | Ultimate Team not working

Fortunately, a fix is on the way. EA has addressed the issues with the FIFA 19 FUT Store, reassuring players that it shouldn’t be long until the problems have been resolved.

The EA Help account tweeted: “We are aware that the FUT Store is down for some users and we are currently investigating.”

While the FUT Store may be down in-game, it seems that it is still accessible on the FIFA 19 web app. This means that if you’re in a desperate hurry to purchase some new packs, you can navigate over to the desktop version of Ultimate Team and starting buying your packs there.

If you’re an Ultimate Team player but aren’t interested in buying packs, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the mode is still accessible. Even though the FUT Store is offline for a number of users, the rest of the mode appears to be working as intended, with players still able to play online and organize their teams. We’ll have to wait until EA deploys a fix to bring the FUT Store back online, but until then, use the web app if you’re in desperate need to purchase more packs.