Boruto Episode 108 Air Date | When can I watch the new Boruto Naruto Next Generations episode?

Unike some other well-known anime this weekend, the Boruto episode 108 air date is firmly on track to, well, air when it’s supposed to. The new Boruto Naruto Next Generations episode is releasing on Sunday and, if you want to make sure you watch the third part of the Steam Ninja Scrolls arc just as soon as it lands, then you’re going to want to have a peek at our guide. In it, we’ll run you through the full Boruto episode 108 release times in the US and UK, alongside a look at whether there’s any chance of an English dub making its way to Western shores anytime soon.

When is the Boruto episode 108 air date?

boruto episode 108

Yes, Naruto is still a thing and, double yes, this spinoff is on 108 episodes now. But, if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool fan, you’re already well-versed in everything that’s come before and probably know to expect a new Boruto episode every Sunday.

What you might now know, however, is the exact release time. It’s not pretty, let me tell you. Unless you want to get up super early on the Lord’s Day, you might want to swerve watching it live, that’s for sure.

The Boruto episode 108 air date is set for May 26, 2019. The time? Gulp. 2 AM Pacific/5 AM Eastern. That’s a slightly comfier time of 10 AM BST over in the UK, the lucky so-and-sos.

If you fancy braving the early hours, just make sure you get on over to Crunchyroll, refresh the page at the time listed above, and the new Boruto episode should be there waiting for you. Easy peasy.

Boruto episode 108 English dub release time

boruto episode 108

This week’s upcoming dub episode is, frustratingly, episode 32 of the Boruto run. With that in mind, we can perhaps expect a Boruto episode 108 English dub release time of late 2020 at the absolute earliest.