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Fortbyte 41 | Accessible by using the Tomatohead emoticon inside Durrr Burger

Fortbyte 41 is accessible by using the Tomatohead emoticon inside Durrr Burger. There has been an ongoing institutional feud between Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit in Fortnite over the past few seasons. In order to unlock Fortbyte 41, players must take the side of Pizza Pit and use the Tomatohead emoticon inside the Durrr Burger restaurant. It should be interesting to see if a later Fortbyte has players swapping sides. So, where is the Durrr Burger location and how can you unlock Fortbyte 41?

Fortbyte 41 | Accessible by using the Tomatohead emoticon inside Durrr Burger

The first step to unlocking Fortbyte 41 is to make sure you have the Tomatohead emoticon unlocked. It is awarded at Battle Pass Tier 3, so most players will likely have it already. However, if you don’t, check out our Week 3 challenge cheat sheet and knock out a few challenges and you’ll unlock it in no time.

Fortbyte 41 location

Now that the Tomatohead emoticon is sorted, players need to figure out where Durrr Burger is located. This will take us to Neo Tilted. The restaurant is pretty easy to see since it is the tallest building in Neo Tilted. However, if you’re still not seeing it, just look for the giant holographic hamburger.

Fortbyte 41 map

Land at the building and head into the bottom floor where you’ll see the counter and menu like you would at a traditional fast food joint. Hop over the counter and head to your right, and you should see Fortbyte 41 immediately. Use the Tomatohead emoticon next to it and it will unlock. Quickly search it and then go on about your merry way!

Fortbyte 41 where to find

In addition to the unlock of Fortbyte 41, Fortnite also received a patch earlier today, and you can check out the full patch notes if you’re interested. Also, if you’ve completed all of the challenges through Week 3, make sure to check out the Hidden Battle Star for Week 3 location.