Black Clover Episode 85 Air Date

After last week’s red-hot flurry of fights, the Black Clover episode 85 air date is sure to be on the radar of all but the most jaded of Black Clover fans. Of course, we can expect things to cool down a little (the next episode is called “Together in the Bath,” after all), but that doesn’t mean we can’t be more than a little excited, right? If you’re unfamiliar with our anime guides by now, here’s a summary: We’ll not only run you through how to watch the new Black Clover episode online down below, but we’ll also provide you with the release times in the US and UK. So, if you want to enjoy Black Clover season 2, episode 34 as soon as airs, we’ll make it so.

When is the Black Clover episode 85 air date?

black clover episode 85

Let’s get down to it. Barring an Attack on Titan-esque last minute delay, you can expect the Black Clover episode 85 air date to be Tuesday, May 28. While the new Black Clover episode doesn’t fall into the infamous trope of anime delays it does, however, come with a sleep-interrupting release time, so you’d best start preparing yourself now for that.

It’s fine if you’re in the UK, you’re only looking at a 11:25 AM BST time but, in the US, that translates to 3:25 AM Pacific/6:25 AM Eastern. If you still fancy it, you can find it over on either Crunchyroll or Funimation, whichever you prefer.

Black Clover episode 85 English dub release date

black clover episode 85

You’ve still got a fair few weeks to wait for episode 85’s English dub release. It’s currently lagging behind the subbed version by around three months. For example, episode 72 is next up at the end of the week.

However, if you count ahead (and account for no delays whatsoever), you can expect a Black Clover episode 85 English dub release date of September 1, 2019.

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