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Fortnite Polar Peak Event | What is the giant eye?

The rumor mills about an upcoming Fortnite Polar Peak event have gone into overdrive after a giant eye appeared under the area’s massive wall of ice. If you’re curious about what this actually is, and if rumors of a Fortnite x Godzilla LTM are true or not, read our Fortnite Polar Peak event guide for the latest intel.

Fortnite Polar Peak Event | Giant eye location

Fortnite Polar Peak Event

Right then, the Fortnite Polar Peak event’s arrival is almost upon us thanks to the arrival of the giant mysterious eye. There’s been plenty of speculation about what it could actually be, but you’re mainly interested in where you can find it, aren’t you?

According to prominent Fortnite data miner FortTory, the giant eye location is at, well, Polar Peak. As you can see in their tweet, the eye appeared behind quite a few layers of ice on Tuesday, May 28. Since then though, it’s managed to shift some of its frozen cocoon.

Looking at this LootLake tweet, it’s free enough now to really have a good look at its surroundings. You can head on over right now if you want to go and see it for yourself. Pun completely intended.

Fortnite Polar Peak Event | Godzilla LTM crossover rumor

Fortnite Polar Peak Event

So what could the Fortnite Polar Peak event be? Rumors online have already claimed that it’s an upcoming Godzilla LTM event, which ties into Friday’s release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. However, there was a PUBG x Godzilla tie-in event recently, so it’s not very likely that Epic Games will have secured a licensed event with Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures too.

Other gossip has suggested it could just be a monster unique to Fortnite, with various dragon and leviathan rumors having done the rounds since Season 5. It won’t be much longer until we find out for sure though, given that the monster is already breaking free of its icy cage.