Dauntless Blaze Orbs | How to farm Blaze Orbs

There are a lot of crafting materials, also called reagents, in Dauntless. If you’re trying to craft new gear or upgrade your current weapons and armor, then you’re going to need to know how to farm for vital materials like Orbs. Orbs are by far the most important crafting reagent that players can acquire in Dauntless. There are five types of Orbs that can be farmed for. This guide will focus on Blaze Orbs, how to farm for them, and even discuss what players will be able to use the Blaze Orbs for.

Dauntless Blaze Orbs | How to farm Blaze Orbs

As mentioned above, Blaze Orbs are just one of the five types of crafting Orbs that players can find and collect in Dauntless. As the most important crafting material, these Orbs can be acquired several different ways, all of which we will outline in this guide. Without wasting anymore time, let’s dive right into everything that players will need to know to farm for Blaze Orbs in Dauntless.

As with most of the different crafting materials that players can farm for in role-playing games, Blaze Orbs can be acquired throughout normal gameplay. While this is absolutely an acceptable way to earn them, if players need or want to acquire a large quantity of this important crafting material, then they are going to find themselves struggling with doing so in just the normal type of hunts. Instead, players can complete specific tasks in Dauntless, which when completed will allow the player to earn Blaze Orbs much quicker.

Dauntless Blaze Patrols for Blaze Orbs

The first way that players can earn Blaze Orbs quickly is through Blaze Patrols. These hunts rank from Threat Level four through seven, and when completed will reward you with 10 Blaze Orbs, 4 Skybloom, 4 Ironthistle, and 200 Rams. This isn’t including any additional Blaze Orbs that you might obtain off of the Behemoth that you’re fighting. On top of farming for Blaze Orbs in this manner, players will also be able to acquire additional Blaze Orbs by completing these patrol missions with a Daily Patrol Bonus active. This will automatically grant the player 10 Blaze Orbs for their trouble.

Players will be able to encounter three different types of Blaze Behemoths in these Blaze Patrols. The lowest level Behemoth that players can face here is the Charrogg, which comes with a recommended Power Level of 150. Next up is the Embermane, which comes with a suggested Power Level of 200. This enemy is very quick, so players will want to make sure they bring fast-moving weapons to the hunt and are prepared to stagger it. Finally, the highest level threat for Blaze Patrols is the Hellion. This dangerous Behemoth comes with a recommended Power Level of 275, players will want to make sure they are well prepared before heading in as it is heavily armored.

How to Use Blaze Orbs in Dauntless

Like the other Orbs available to players in Dauntless, Blaze Orbs will play a very vital part in crafting Blaze weapons and armor. To make use of these items you will need to return to the city of Ramsgate, the main social area in the game. Once here, players should make their way up to the crafting area where they will find two NPCs. Players can speak with Wils Bormen to craft new weapons, and they can talk to Moyra Heigsketter to craft armor pieces.

Dauntless Blaze Weapons

Players will find various types of armor and gear available to craft using the Blaze Orbs that they have accumulated. For example, players can craft the Charred Saber, Charred Crusher, Charred Blades, Charred Cleaver, or the Charred Spear using various Charrogg pieces as well as Blaze Orbs. Likewise, the Volcanic Helm, Volcanic Aegis, Volcanic Grips, and Volcanic Treats can be crafted in Ramsgate using Charrogg parts and Blaze Orbs that players have saved up.

Even if players don’t need to upgrade gear that requires Blaze Orbs, it’s still worth completing Blaze Patrols and Blaze Pursuits. It is important to have a hefty amount of this crafting material on hand as this will be key to upgrading gear later on down the road. Of course, players will also need to acquire several other Orbs throughout their time in Dauntless, and they should prioritize whichever Orb they need the most of at the time.