Pokemon Go Sleeping Snorlax | Yawn effect and shiny odds

The Pokemon Go Sleeping Snorlax is a special, super-tired version of everyone’s favorite lumbering ‘Mon, but the Summer Snooze 2019 event comes with a few oddities. Namely, the new Pokemon Go move, Yawn, as well as the seemingly impossible chance of finding a shiny Snorlax out and about. Whether you’re still waking from your slumber or are currently on the hunt for a definitive shiny Sleeping Snorlax location, we’ll fill you on in on everything you need to know about the limited-time event running across May and June.

Sleeping Snorlax shiny odds

Sleeping Snorlax

You can get shiny versions of pretty much any Pokemon in Pokemon Go but, for whatever reason, the Sleeping Snorlax shiny odds may as well not exist.

That’s because, as of writing, there’s a 0% chance you’ll find a shiny Sleeping Snorlax. They just aren’t in the game. No shiny Snorlax location, and certainly no roundabout method to claim one via other means. It seems like a bit of an oversight but, as it’s an Event Pokemon, its rarity comes in the small time window you can catch one.

What does Yawn do in Pokemon Go?

Sleeping Snorlax

Frankly, not a lot. It’s a Quick Move, so you’ll be able to use it first, but it does precisely 0 damage, and doesn’t affect your opponent at all.

Unlike the mainline series of games, where Yawn causes a foe’s Pokemon to catch 40 winks and fall asleep, there’s no such status effect in Pokemon Go, at least not yet anyway.

Of course, that may yet change and Yawn could become a super effective (pun absolutely intended) move for Trainers everywhere but, right now, you’re better off keeping Snorlax away from battles and catching him for the sake of completion rather than anything else.

It’s worth noting that Yawn isn’t exclusive to Sleeping Snorlax during the event, however. You can also get it by evolving a Munchlax.