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Outer Wilds Anglerfish | How to sneak past the monsters in Dark Bramble

In Outer Wilds, anglerfish are the only creatures you’ll encounter that actively pursue you. Chances are, the first time you decided to brave the Dark Bramble the anglerfish made short work of you and sent you to the beginning of a new time loop. Until you figure out how to sneak past the monsters in Dark Bramble a big part of the game’s mystery will remain unknown to you.

Fortunately, there are quite a few clues in Outer Wilds on how to avoid anglerfish. Once you learn more about the hulking monsters hiding in the mists of Dark Bramble, you’ll be able to navigate freely and find out the fate of the Nomai who were stranded there.

How do I learn to get past anglerfish in Outer Wilds?

Anglerfish are one of the few living species of animal that you’ll encounter in the Outer Wilds system. They’re also the only hostile creatures you’ll find, which is a good thing since pretty much every planet besides Timber Hearth is incredibly lethal without the fangs and voracious appetite.

The anglerfish’s primary territory in Outer Wilds is Dark Bramble, but they’ve been found throughout the star system in the past. In fact, the place where clues on how to avoid Anglerfish aren’t on Dark Bramble. Instead, to learn their secrets, you’ll need to head to Ember Twin.

Outer Wilds Sunless City Pillars

When you get to Ember Twin, you need to gain access to the Sunless City. Once there head to the central area near the trees. There are four columns here, and you’ll want to light up the one with Stepping Stone District written in Nomai under it. This will activate lights showing you where to go. Instead of going out the big door, explore the side passage first, and you’ll find a room containing the following conversation written in Nomai:

Laevi: We’re meeting in the Fossil Fish Cave to play the game! If you’re too big to climb through the Anglerfish Overlook hole, you’ll have to go the long way, but it isn’t far. Go to the Stepping Stone Cave, and then up and into the Fossil Fish Cave.

Lami: Taget can’t fit through the Anglerfish Overlook hole anymore because he grew bigger! He’s taller than Laevi now.

Laevi: Who cares? Ilex is still tallest.

Taget: I tried to get to the fossil fish through the Stepping Stone Cave, but I couldn’t find the entrance. Where is it?

Ilex: Remember to feed the fossil fish first! If you go to Anglerfish Overlook and throw a light into his mouth, he’ll show you the way.

This gives you the clue you need to figure out how to find your way to Fossil Fish cave. Head back to the central area and activate the pillar marked Anglerfish Overlook District. Head upwards towards the lights, you just activated and go out the big door. Once out the door, you’ll see a set of stairs leading up into a cave. In here you’ll see a crack in the wall overlooking an Anglerfish skeleton.

Launch your scout through the crack in the wall and try your best to affix it in or near the anglerfish’s mouth. Once it’s attached, leave it there and head back to the central area of the Sunless City.

Now you’ll want to go back towards the Stepping Stone District and go through the big door. You’ll enter an area that has a large pit which is being filled with sand. What you want to do now is head towards where your scout is located. When it’s directly above you, you should be able to thrust upward and find a hold in the ceiling that leads through the fish’s mouth and into Fossil Fish cave.

Near all the creepy child skeletons you’ll find this conversation written in Nomai:

Laevi: Whoever was it when we ended last time is the anglerfish.

Laevi: Rule change! The Anglerfish now has to wear a blindfold. (And do not peek!)

Laevi: The rest of us (the littlefish) line up against one wall. When the anglerfish says go, the littlefish sneak across to the other side.

Laevi: If the anglerfish catches you, you’re eaten.

Laevi: Aunt Pye says real anglerfish are blind, so you have to wear a blindfold! The rule stands!

Ilex: Rule update: It’s okay if younger kids don’t wear the blindfold when they’re it. (The rest of us will still wear it for scientific accuracy and to make the game more even.)

While there are other clues nearby, this is the fact you need to know to sneak past the anglerfish. Although they’re big, and they’re mean, anglerfish are blind.

How to avoid the anglerfish in Dark Bramble in Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds Anglerfish

So, you now know that anglerfish are blind and you can spot them by the glowing lure on their head. The question is how to put these facts to use.

If you head into the Dark Bramble, you’ll notice you can see anglerfish lights far away from their area of detection. The problem is, the white lights can either be a node connecting to other parts of the Dark Bramble, or it can be a fish.

The easy way to tell which light is an anglerfish is just to use your scout. Fire it in the direction of a light and use the snapshot function to send images to your HUD.

If you need to sneak past an anglerfish, the task isn’t too hard. Just point towards the direction you need to go and thrust towards it. Once you’ve gained a little speed, you can just coast the rest of the way and slip right past the anglerfish. As long as you don’t thrust in any direction when you’re close to them, then the fish won’t know you’re there.

One thing to note is that you can still look around when you’re near an anglerfish. As long as you don’t actually thrust, you’re good to go.